Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Great Holiday Gifts for ATV Racers!

We all know how hectic holiday shopping can be, especially when trying to buy gifts that we may or not be familiar with ourselves. When purchasing products for the ATV quad racer in your family, you want to make sure you’re not only getting them the products they need, but you want to be sure those products are high quality, and can be had for a great price.

If you’ve been panicking about it, now is the time to take a deep breath and relax, because we’ve got all the perfect gift ideas for the ATV racers in your family!

Replacement brakes are a must if you know someone who rides a lot, and rides hard. Brake pads can last anywhere from a few months to well over a year depending how much wear and tear riders put on them, so if you know someone who loves to ride, chances are they will need some high quality replacement brake pads  sooner or later. But brake pads aren’t always the problem, front or rear brake rotors could also make an excellent gift for quad racers. 

If you know a quad rider that you’d like to help generate more power when they hit the trails, then buying replacement sprockets, whether they are 11 tooth drive sprockets or 42 tooth driven sprockets, may be the way to go. Chains help in the power and gear-shifting department as well, so O-Ring drive chains or high performance CZ X-Ring chains, which allow quad racers to get high mileage out of their ATV. 

Because ATV racers put a lot of wear and tear on their quad, replacement parts are always a great idea gift-givers in a pinch this holiday season!