Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jordan Phillips Gives An Update!

This past weekend was round #8 of the Gncc series in Masontown, Wv.  We arrived at the track Friday evening at 3 Pm and I immediately began walking the course.  It had rained earlier on Friday and the course was fairly muddy.  It was definitely going to be slick and rocky on race day.  I knew it would take smart riding to be a top finisher in this race.  On Saturday we geared up to go and the temperature quickly arose.  We got off to a 3rd place start and maintained that position.  The course was slick on the first lap and I tried to limit my mistakes.  We came away with 3rd place and 10th overall.  Riding smart and playing it safe got us what we wanted even though a win would have been great.  The quad worked awesome we are looking forward to putting the hammer down at Snowshoe in less than 2 weeks.  Thanks for everyone's continued support and prayers!

Jordan Phillips

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

History of Motocross

Grab your helmet, goggles, boots, body armor and your riding equipment. This race is like no other. Motocross racing is not only intense but it’s a type of motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits. This sport can be done in all weather conditions.

Motocross first started in the United Kingdom from motorcycle trial competitions like the Scottish Six Days Trial that began in 1909. In the United Kingdom, the races were known as scramble racing but during the 1930s, the sport grew in popularity and the competitions became known internationally as motocross racing. In countries such as Belgium, Russia, France, Sweden and Italy, Motocross racing is still an obsession as well as an active sport.

In 1966, Motocross was introduced to the United States. A Swedish champion named Torsten Hallman had rode an exhibition event against the top American TT Riders at the Corriganville Movie Ranch in Simi Valley, California. The year after, Hallman was joined by other motocross stars as they dominated the event placing their lightweight two-stroke engines into the top six finishing positions. During this period in time, Motocross began to grow rapidly in the United States. Some of the most popular states for Motocross racing are Florida, California, Michigan, Texas, and Georgia.

The top five best and trickiest bikes to use for Motocross racing are KTM 450SX-F, Suzuki RM-Z450, Kawasaki KX250F, Yamaha YZ250F, and Kawasaki KX450F. The KTM dirt bikes have dominated two-strokes over the last three years equipped with severe duty brake pads and heavy duty bike parts.  All of these dirt bikes are excellent vehicles to use in the dirt!

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