Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jordan Phillips Gives An Update!

This past weekend was round #8 of the Gncc series in Masontown, Wv.  We arrived at the track Friday evening at 3 Pm and I immediately began walking the course.  It had rained earlier on Friday and the course was fairly muddy.  It was definitely going to be slick and rocky on race day.  I knew it would take smart riding to be a top finisher in this race.  On Saturday we geared up to go and the temperature quickly arose.  We got off to a 3rd place start and maintained that position.  The course was slick on the first lap and I tried to limit my mistakes.  We came away with 3rd place and 10th overall.  Riding smart and playing it safe got us what we wanted even though a win would have been great.  The quad worked awesome we are looking forward to putting the hammer down at Snowshoe in less than 2 weeks.  Thanks for everyone's continued support and prayers!

Jordan Phillips

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