Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Special Thank You From Dan Kujala

We would like to share a thank you letter written from our sponsored racer Dan Kujala as his Ice Racing season comes to an end, giving his gratitude to everybody who has helped this season!

"Hello Everyone!

First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you for the support and everything that you have done for me, my team, and this sport! Every year I try to help out more and more riders in need that have potential but I could not do the extra for them or my program without your help! THANK YOU so much! It was a great season for Team Kujala as not only for myself but my team riders as they performed well with great finishes. As for myself, I won the 450 Studded Quad and the Open Studded Quad for the Coca Cola Zero Great Lakes Ice Racing Series ( Big thanks go to and the AMA 2013 Ice

Race National Grand Championship in the 450 Studded Quad and the Open Studded Quad Class! Rider and daughter Taylor Brunette finished 3rd place in the Junior 1 Bike Class her first year out! Angela Tuyls, also first year studded quad rider, finshed 2nd in the womens class and several respectable sportsman studded quad finishes(most of which were guys), Kyle Meiers and Joe Williams teamed up on my non stud 450 and had a fun season sharing the quad and getting a mixture of finishes! I am thankful for everyone's support and I would like to say thank you to some sponsors that were extremely detrimental to the performance of my quad/my person on a weekly basis. I would like to start out with my friend Brian from
Thank you so much my friend for your top quality photos and video so that I can keep all of my sponsors up to date and for your help at the track when needed! Please check out his attached photos and feel free to post them as long as you give credit to !  Unbelievable gear! Thank you so much for helping me and my team out with dry/warm/classy gear! Your X-Cross boots rock! It's tough to find a warm good looking boot that fits under my shifter and keeps me dry and warm! Thank you! Your support for our season banquet with all the gear you send is priceless! Thank you also for that! And Walt Patterson, Thank you for the help with all of my synthetic oil and lubricant products! This is one of the most important parts of a dependable motor and chassis. Larry Strangfeld, Big compliments go to both of you for providing the right tire/screw combination and the best hookup a guy can get on ice! Strangfeld Tires have really taken me to a new level of competition!

Tom Carlson, my friend and one of the best power sports engine builders in history, thank you for always providing me with a fast dependable engine package and constant contact throughout the season for support! Thank for the added horsepower and always providing a great running hard hitting race fuel! Your aluminum light weight axles and hubs are by far the lightest and the best in the industry! The thing that I love the most about the RPM Aluminum Axle is that is looks like a any high grade aftermarket cromoly axle! Thank you for providing a smooth suspension in the roughest conditions! As you can see from the photos, even though it is flat track ice racing it doesn't mean it's always smooth and free from obstacles! Thank you for helping my team and the racing series with constant support on the radio and the professional recorded ads that play non stop throughout the season! Mike Daniels, Mike Junior, and Jack Hall are always prompt on getting things done to help promote the sport!

Thank you to Dustin Waeghe for helping our team in the garage almost every day and at the track! Jay Kelly and Mike Tuyls are also always willing to help no questions asked when something is needed! Thank you to all of you!  

~Dan Kujala"