Tuesday, December 4, 2012

High Performance CZ Chains

Many race enthusiasts will spend hours a day out in the garage making sure their ride is clean, maintained, and has the best quality parts. One of the most important parts when racing your motorcycle or ATV is the chain. Without the chain you will not go very far at all. You may be asking, what type of chain is best when it comes to high-performance? Well your answer is CZ Chains.

CZ is a European company based in Strakonice. They have been providing us with high-quality chains since 1929. With a special design consisting of specially chromized layered pins,  high quality rollers, and precise seamless solid bushings, they will outlast other brands of chains. When each chain is assembled,they are lubricated with a “high-performance lubricant”. Thus ensuring when you remove your brand new chain from the packaging, each link will move smoothly without friction. CZ chains are X-Ring chains which offer excellent sealing with less drag than O-Ring chains.

If you are looking for style as well as high-performance, you are in luck. CZ chains offers more than just the standard charcol colored chain. They have a fashionable gold chain that will provide your motorcycle or ATV with a nice, classy look.

So, the bottom line is, if you are searching for a chain that will provide you with high-mileage, high-performance, and good looks, CZ chains are perfect for you!

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