Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Inc. buys including blog, while Blogger Brian Vermette moves on to a new project.

Dear Readers. Today I'm proud to announce that I have sold to Inc. and that the new owners will continue to use RaceDriven as a blog. The blog will retain all of my old posts/archives so readers can still access those posts.

However at the same time, I (Blogger Brian Vermette) am leaving (of course removing the email address and moving on to a new project. But of course readers can follow me and what I'm doing at

Finally I would like to thank all of my readers, commenters, advertisers and more for a great seven years here at and I wish the new owners ( Inc.) the best of luck with their new in the future. Here's to seven more years of blogging and I hope that the readers of will not only read RaceDriven, but continue to follow me at

Thank You. .
Brian Vermette