Sunday, February 5, 2012

The VW dog and Best Buy commercials are my winners for best 2012 Superbowl game day commercials.

Earlier this week, I posted two Superbowl game day commercials. The first one was "The Dog Strikes Back: VW Commercial", which was a preview to the big game and the other one was the 2011 Superbowl commercial winner, "The Force: VW Commercial".

Well after watching all of the game day commercials, I liked two of them the best:

1. "The Dog Strikes Back: VW Commercial"

This commercial is funny to watch, but its also could be inspiring for some people to get up off the couch (including me) and exercise and diet, get fit and run for our dreams. Yeah I know, a little much, but its still funny and it works for me.

2. "Phone Innovators: Official 2012 Best Buy Game Day Commercial"

I liked the Best Buy commercial from the poking fun at Airlines vs. Alex Baldwin over Words with Friends, I invented instagram and more. Of course that is a little surprising to me considering my feelings on Best Buy aren't all that good and I'm putting it loosely. I've just had a few bad experiences with them, of course that was with the Geek Squad and warranty service. But in this case, Best Buy actually came up with a good commercial and since I still do shop their when needed, I posted the game day ad here.

Now, what's next!?