Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NASCAR changes policy and now will publicly disclose fines in 2012 - Fans and media cheer.

Earlier today, NASCAR issued a statement on how fines will be disclosed to the public beginning this season:
NASCAR will no longer issue fines that are undisclosed. We looked at this issue from every angle and gathered feedback from the industry. While there are always sensitivities related to sponsor relationships and other leagues may continue issuing disclosed and undisclosed fines, NASCAR has decided that all fines moving forward will be made public after the competitor or organization that has been penalized has been informed. (Read Statement at
As a NASCAR fan, I have seen this sport change over the years from its stars to its policies and while the "Boy's Have at it" policy hasn't changed that let's drivers wreck each other at will if they see fit, at least NASCAR is making the effect to make changes as needed in the sport and today's statement that NASCAR will now publicly disclose fines in 2012 is a good step forward.

Basically as one NASCAR fan commented on this article on, "There is no secrets in the garage anyhow. It always gets out." And to that I give you the examples of Ryan Newman, Denny Hamlin and  Brad Keselowski, they are received secret fines.