Monday, December 12, 2011

Lowe’s pulls advertising from TLC TV Series, AT&T/T-Mobile merger, Grubb to crew chief for Hamlin at JGR: My Take on Trending Stories.

Welcome readers to today’s edition of “My Take on Trending Stories” that features three hot topics that have me in some cases scratching my head from the Lowe’s/TLC controversy and AT&T/T-Mobile merger to yet another off season crew chief move in NASCAR.

1. Lowe’s pulls advertising dollars from TLC’s "All-American Muslim" after a conservative group known as the Florida Family Association complained… (Read full article from the Associated Press)

My Take: I going to say the same thing that I said earlier today on the The only two issues I see here is, first, this legislator (California Sen. Ted. Lieu) should be in investigated for wasting taxpayer money.

And second, since when is it "un-American" or wrong for a company (in this case Lowe's) to pull their advertising dollars from something because they want too. Maybe Lowe's just wasn't getting their investment back from the program. At any rate, they DO have the right to pull the money, its money to do what they want with.

Personally I don't believe that Lowe's should have even advertised on this TLC Series in the first place, you could see the firestorm coming from this decision, It would have been better to advertise on "The Playboy Club" if it was on USA Network, then this TLC Series. But they do have the right to pull their advertising dollars after the fact if they want too and no legal issues should keep them from doing so. And I will continue to shop at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores.

Although I do have to say that me using “un-American” wasn’t about reading between the legislator’s comments lines, but rather just trying to make a simple point. Basically I don’t see the issue here, plain and simple.

2. AT&T/T-Mobile “possible” merger

My Take: I’ve been reading and hearing about this whole AT&T/T-Mobile merger deal and all of the lawsuits, withdrawals, and whatever else that this deal has gone through and personally I only really see one good outcome out of three possible outcomes.

I don’t like the idea of AT&T merging with T-Mobile because it takes away one more wireless communication's company that I can do business with especially in finding a better price tag for the service I want as well as more job lose. On the other hand, if this merger doesn’t go though, then AT&T’s coverage map wouldn’t get better and let’s be honest, I would give T-Mobile 5 - 10 years tops of surviving in this business.

But I do like the idea of AT&T and T-Mobile remaining as separate companies with a technical alliance. Hopefully that means that both the AT&T and T-Mobile coverage areas would improve as well as data speed without losing another wireless communications company. One could only hope. Keep in mind that right now I’m an AT&T GoPhone customer who almost picked T-Mobile if it wasn’t for its terrible coverage in my area.

3. Darian Grubb will be the new crew chief for Denny Hamlin at JGR. (Read full article)

My Take: This is a mixed bag for sure, on one hand, Grubb lands a new crew chief job as getting let go from being the crew chief of Tony Stewart despite winning the Cup Series title in 2011. Keep in mind that this decision was made way before the end of the 2011 NASCAR Cup Series season and then winning the title.

But on the other hand, my headline reads Grubb crosses over to the dark side to become crew chief for Denny Hamlin at JGR. Sorry, from Chevrolet to Toyota. Tony Stewart made that same move and lost in fans base and considering I only support Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge in the Cup Series, Toyota is the dark side to me.

This was an interesting first edition article of My Take on Trending Stories. Sure I could have created three separate articles out of these three headlines, but I really wanted to try this new article format out especially considering it’s a good talking article.