Tuesday, December 6, 2011

American Chopper: The Build-Off - Paul Jr. Designs beats out Jesse James and OCC to win Build-Off.

Earlier tonight, Discovery Channel showcased American Chopper: The Build Off that featured Paul Jr. Designs, Jesse James and Orange County Choppers. I've been a fan of American Chopper since the first episode aired and while the show has changed, I still watch the show now only to see what Paul Jr. and PJD can turn out.

Coming into tonight, I expected custom bikes that would be featured on a typical "Biker Build-Off". As several fans might have seen, I'm talking about a Discovery Channel show from several years ago that featured The Martin Bros., Denver Choppers, Rick Fearless, Arlen Ness, Cory Ness, the late Indian Larry, Hot Match... for example.  Typically a chopper that can and must be ridden for several hundred miles and then the fans voted for their favorite.

But I should have known better as American Chopper: The Build-Off between PJD, Jesse James and OCC was simply who could get the biggest response from the crowd with their off the wall creations. But I will say, each bike was completely different from each other.

Paul Jr. Designs: Winner
While I was expecting something along the lines of the Anti-Venom, The Black Widow or a Cadillac Bike, I will give him credit, the bike or chopper above does remind me of plane, its a bike and it is creative. But I dare him to ride this bike from Las Vegas back to New York. I don't think so, especially with that exhaust and 1 gallon gas tank. And yes I voted Paul Jr. Designs, it was the best of the 3 bikes.

Jesse James: Second

I was expecting a lot more out of Jesse James considering I've seen several of his bikes from almost a decade ago. But that was almost a decade ago and while I will give Jesse James credit, he did build a bike from the ground up including the front end and the frame itself, this simply wasn't it. One question, why does this remind me of a 57 Chevy?

Orange County Choppers: Third

Honestly, I'm disappointed with OCC. I was expecting a traditional chopper or Old School chopper that can be ridden across the country and enjoyed. But instead we got this Electric Monster above. Don't get me wrong, its an amazing creation and its electric powered, but simply put, its not a chopper plain and simple, its a showpiece. 

With all that said, Discovery Channel, congrats, you made this, just like the latest American Chopper episodes, a personal tale of three builders and not about the bikes themselves especially with a sit down interview before the vote was revealed. But at least we had some interesting creations. Hats off to the builders for creating them and its Paul Jr. that comes out on top over Jesse James in second and OCC in third. Congrats PJD.

(Photo Credit: Discovery.com)