Sunday, November 20, 2011

The only way I would play Zynga’s FarmVille game again is if I owned a copy of the game like I do with EA’s SimCity 4.

You see everyone, up until the end of last month (October 2011), I was one of millions of people worldwide that not logged onto Facebook either once or several times a day to play FarmVille over the few years.

FarmVille is a social game that you play with your friends online (Facebook) where you build and harvest a Farm trying to master crops and animals. In the game, you buy items to put on an open field that you develop into whatever farm you want. Think of FarmVille as an online farming version of EA Sports SimCity type game.

But you see that’s also the problem for me, the one biggest difference between FarmVille and a game like SimCity 4 is? FarmVille is a social game that while you can and will in most cases put real money, let along real time into, you (the user) don’t own a copy of the game like people can with games like SimCity 4.

Basically I hate the idea of putting in so much time, let along real money into something that I not only don’t own, but will one day come to an end and I wouldn’t be able to play no matter if I want to or not.

So I would suggest that Zynga create FarmVille and maybe even CityVille bundled together for purchase on DVD and buy it in the store and/or online like you can with The Sims, SimCity 4 and other cool games for PC, Nintendo Wii, xBox 360 or PS3. This would enable everyone who enjoys this game to be able to play Farmville whenever they want online or offline.

But the magic question is, how would Zynga continue to make money with people who bought a copy of the game? That’s easy, many games have downloadable packages of items and add-ons that you can buy or are free in some cases that include new buildings, animals, and more. They are called software updates.

The bottom line is, I’m not going to put my time and hard earned money into something especially a game if I don’t own a copy of the game for me to enjoy for a longtime to come period.

I own several games including the SimCIty games, Midtown Madness 1 & 2 as well as other games for my PC, let along my Nintendo Wii that I enjoy and that in my opinion is the only way to go. Besides if I own the game, I don’t have to deal with server errors including “out of sync”. So until them, I have other things to do.

(Photo taken by me on my Facebook FarmVille game which I took earlier this year.) Just a little explaination on what you see. The mansion and sitting area is on the upper leftside, the Winery and vineyard on the upper right. The matter horn (mountain) and waterfalls in the upper center, while I have a Spa below the mansion and tons of animals with barn below the winery. Cap that off on ground level with a crafting building and my aviator in the center with my dog.