Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photography: Tony Stewart’s Hearse, "the Smoke Deville" from Unique Whips.

(Photos were taken by me - Brian Vermette)

While I was looking though my digital photography collection, I came across those photos and I decided to share them here on The photos above are Tony Stewart’s custom made Unique Hearse that is nicknamed “The Smoke Deville” that Tony Stewart had built years ago by Unique Autosports that was featured a SPEED Channel show called Unique Whips.

Back in 2008 at a Motorsports show called Speedway Expo in E. Springfield, Massachusetts, I saw this ride for the first time. I walked by this hearse a few times and on the final time by, the Unique Autosports crew had turned on the inside lights and damn, with the lights on this one just shines. The photos above don’t do this hearse full justice.

Of course I do own the two episodes that show them building it. I just bought them on Amazon and downloaded them to my notebook so I watch them whenever I want too. And I hope to have them on my Android device real soon.

Can you imagine driving around in a custom hearse? I could and would.