Friday, September 16, 2011

Rachel finds redemption and wins Big Brother 13, but what did everyone think?

In last Wednesday night’s season finale of Big Brother 13, Big Brother fans saw Adam, Porsche and (former Big Brother 12 houseguest) Rachel fight it out for the final HOH competition with the winner choosing who to sit next to in the final two.

Part one was an endurance competition where Adam was the first to fall out of the competition, followed by Porsche later in the competition. That meant that Rachel won part one of the HOH. In part two, it was Porsche vs. Adam in an underwater competition where Porsche blow Adam’s time away to win part two.

However it would all come down to part three. Part three was a question and answer on the live eviction show that after 5 questions, Rachel won the final HOH competition to become the final Head of Household.

But I have to admit that I was surprised to see Rachel actually honor her final two deal with Porsche and evict Adam, in turn taking Porsche to the final two. After that decision, you could tell that Rachel was on edge with her decision and that she was nervous about the upcoming talk with the jury of Brendan, Daniele, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia, Jordon and Adam.

In watching the sit down chat between the jury members earlier in the week before Adam joined them, I came to conclusion that Rachel was going to win just by how many people where talking so highly of her.

However it would be the live voting that would decide it all. Personally in my preview, I figured that it would come down to a 4-3 vote if it was Rachel vs. Porsche.

In the voting, I was right that the vote would come down to 4-3, but it wasn’t Adam that would make the difference, instead it was Shelly as she voted for Rachel which gave Rachel the win in Big Brother 13.

Damn, well at least Adam didn’t win and a real competitive person who actually won challenges won Big brother this time. But personally I want to give a tip of the hat to Porsche, while I didn’t have all that much to say about Porsche in the first 50 days of Big Brother, she really stepped up to the plate when it really counted to put herself into the final three.

But congrats to Rachel on winning Big Brother 13. (Note: I just wish she didn’t treat everyone like crap in BB12 and BB13, boy what a terrible social game, well at least she won HOH’s and POV’s)

And CBS confirmed that there will be a Big Brother 14 next summer in 2012, hopefully BB14 will be 16 new houseguests playing as individuals that don’t know each other at all. Plus no returning or former houseguests. But for what it is worth, CBS did a good job with Big Brother 13 despite the outcome. Basically season 13 was filled with twists and turns and in the end was exciting, thoughts?