Sunday, September 25, 2011

I support having a few casinos and a slot parlor here in Massachusetts and believe that lawmakers need to pass the Casino Bill now.

According to a CBS Boston Article, a poll shows that 56 percent of Massachusetts Residents favor the Casino Bill that would allow for three casinos and a slot parlor.

As a Massachusetts resident myself, I am actually in favor of having one or two casinos here in Massachusetts as well as one slot parlor. I believe that while casinos will bring some issues, casinos will also bring in some much needed revenue and jobs for us here in Massachusetts.

It would also give so many Massachusetts residents the option of staying close to home and gambling here in the Bay State, instead of traveling over an hour or two south, down to one of the two casinos in Connecticut. And I would be one of them as I have been to both Mohegan Sun and Foxwood’s (with the MGM Grand) Casinos in Connecticut.

Now as for the current Casino Bill, while I would rather see a max of 2 casinos and one slot parlor here in the Bay State, I do support the Casino Bill with 3 casinos and one slot parlor and I seriously hope that finally after a long time of debate and seeing nothing get down, that Massachusetts lawmakers and the Governor finally pass this bill.

Besides consider this, one way or another, there will be at least one casino here in Massachusetts with or without the Casino Bill passing as a tribe has already requested permission to build a casino here and if Massachusetts doesn’t give it to them, the Federal Government will and Massachusetts wouldn’t see any money from it period. Thoughts?