Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stuck behind a powder-blue Toyota Prius coming home on this Massachusetts Tax-free holiday, thoughts?

(Photo taken by me (Brian Vermette) with an LG Chocolate 2, 1.3MP camera while in the passenger seat and yes, I did cover the licence plate. - 8/13/2011)

Earlier this evening, my father and I decided to go back out shopping at Target, Best Buy and Staples to check out cheap Blu-ray Players (replacing my dying DVD Player) or a Verizon Wireless Prepaid cell phone and a GPS unit.

Believe it or not, while the Massachusetts Tax-Free holiday is going on, I was looking for the Blu-ray player not because of the tax-free holiday, but I actually got an early birthday gift (money) and I wanted to see if I could replace either my cell phone or upgrade my DVD player to a blu-ray player.

Anyway, after leaving the plaza, we were heading home only after buying a few small items and my father looked at me and said hay its a Prius. Of course, I happen to notice that no dad, its a powder-blue Toyota Prius (you would only know the joke if your a Jeff Dunham and Peanut fan.

So I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the Prius with my LG Chocolate 2 - 1.3MP camera and couldn’t resist posting it on

As for those other items, while I believe that maybe the GPS unit might be purchased tomorrow, I think that shelling out $90 for a Blu-ray player is a little much for me right now as I’m still unemployed, but hay the Cell Phone is more of a needed item for emergency’s out on the road and blogging from the road.