Sunday, August 7, 2011

NASCAR: Checkers and Wreckers for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Roush-Fenway Racing at Iowa Speedway.

(Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Earlier tonight at the Iowa Speedway where the NASCAR Nationwide Series was racing in the U.S. Cellular 250, four drivers (Carl Edwards, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Elliott Sadler and Michael McDowell) during the race were in contention to win all night long.

But it was the on going battle between Roush-Fenway Racing teammates Ricky Stemhouse Jr. and Carl Edwards that would be the talk of this race as the two would get into a heated on track battle for the lead that included a few bits of contact. It would take Jack Roush and two crew chiefs to settle these two down.

Carl Edwards said over the radio that they’re even after the contact, while Stenhouse Jr. was still hot from the contact. Personally I believe both drivers were racing for the lead with (whatever laps to go, more than 70 to go I know) and both could have used cooler heads on-track, but it made for a great battle up front for the fans to watch.

However it would the last lap that lead to most saying that was one hell of a finish.

Ricky Stemhouse Jr. was leading over Carl Edwards by several car lengths, but when Stenhouse Jr. came off of turn 4 and was half way to the finish line looking at the checkered flag, Stenhouse Jr.’s #6 Ford blow a engine and slowed to a crawl, but still moving around on track.

But at that very moment, Carl Edwards would come out of turn 4, hit the oil that the #6 laid down and couldn’t see a damn thing…#60-Edwards would nail Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in the #6 hard in the back end propelling him across the finish line to win the U.S. Cellular 250 at Iowa Speedway, while Carl Edwards would skid to a stop near the pit wall.

Edwards would finish second, while fans, teams and the media would be left speechless especially on Twitter say that was one hell of a finish to say the least. I know here at my house, both my father and I couldn’t believe what happened and I know I needed a replay to figure this one out, and I know three announcers in the ESPN booth sure did.

Damn, what a finish to a good race.

But two notes:
1. I loved the fact that Ricky Stenhouse Jr. not only kept pace with Carl Edwards, but would stand up to Edwards especially while that battle was going on on track. Finally a driver that wouldn’t let Edwards push him around.

2. Just one question, when does Iowa Speedway get a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series date, by this track doesn’t disappoint and they deserve a Cup date for sure.