Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What TV Shows Can't You Quit?

You know I love to watch TV every night of the week and while I have several favorite shows, there is three shows that I know that I should quit watching, but really can’t seem to stay away.

The first one has to be American Chopper which has been renamed American Chopper: Sr vs. Jr. I truly believe that the only reason why I watch this show is because I’m still a fan of Paul Jr. and Paul Jr. Designs. I really want to see what he is up to, but the show now isn’t about building bikes anymore, its about the family feud, drama and trash talk. Of course I watch the reruns weekdays as well.

The second one I would have to say in WWE Monday Night RAW. I’ve been a fan of the WWE since I was in college (1999-2000) when my friends told me to check out WCW, but instead I preferred the WWE. The show is a giant weekly soup opera. But I guess its you want to see what the writers come up with next and how the storylines continue to play out.

And the third is The Apprentice, but unlike the first two shows, I don’t have a reason why I haven’t quit watching The Apprentice and that includes the Celebrity Apprentice.

I know neither one of these are on the top list, but I actually don’t watch any of the shows that are on that list including Weeds and Glee.