Sunday, July 31, 2011

Create-a-caption: ‘Damn it’s the NASCAR media again, I bet they’ll ask me about my contract negotiations again for the billionth time.’

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Above is a photo of Carl Edwards that was taken during one of the Friday practice sessions at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in preperation for the 2011 Brickyard 400. Now with all due respect to Carl Edwards, this camera man caught Edwards in just the right look.

Now it was a look that I just couldn’t resist doing my first “create-a-caption” for. So what is the photo saying, well giving Carl Edwards current state of his 2012 and beyond plans in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and mainly that every week, the NASCAR media asks him the same question on how his contract negotiations are going and who will he drive for.

I came up with the caption ‘Damn its the NASCAR media again, I bet they’ll ask me about my contract negotiations again for the billionth time.’

Now I have to say that I have commented on Carl Edwards current contract negotiations twice (on another blog) and have basically left it at that. I said that Carl Edwards has two real choices:

1. Stay at Roush-Fenway Racing and continue driving the #99 Ford Fusion. The only issue here to me is does Roush have enough sponsorship to keep him in that ride…

2. Leave RFR and join Joe Gibbs Racing driving a Toyota. Now this rumor has been spinning around the garage area for months now and considering Gibbs has said he is interested in Edwards or has talked to him. I would say this is a good option. Now the rumor has him either taking over the #20 Home Depot Toyota or driving a fourth car for JGR.

Of course this move could be news to Joey Logano as he would either have to move to a fourth JGR car or he would be out completely.

Personally once Carl Edwards makes his announcement on where he will be driving in 2012 and beyond, that will create a domino effect and set off several other drivers to sign a new dealf or them.

Now, if Edwards goes to JGR, I believe Logano should try and sign with Roush-Fenway Racing and drive the #99 Ford. I believe Logano needs a change in race teams to really showcase his true driving talents. Keep in mind that Joey Logano is only 21 years old (turned 21 back in May) and he has been in the #20 Home Depot Toyota since 2009 running full-time.

With all that said, to the NASCAR media, stop asking Carl Edwards about his contract for next year, he has said all he is going to say until he is ready to make an announcement. And find something new to take about.