Sunday, June 19, 2011

NASCAR should have TNT’s RaceBuddy available online during all Cup Series races for free with full race TV broadcast and multi-cameras.

Welcome readers, while I was watching the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Heluva Good 400 race at Michigan Speedway on TNT earlier today, I found two things to be interesting.

1. You see in watching the Cup Series race on TNT, I found the race boring. Now I don’t put much of this on NASCAR as such as its just a fact that some races are simply boring and most Michigan races are included on that list.

It seemed to me that it was a cross between long green flag runs that strung the entire field with minimum passing opportunities as passing is what key element to a good race. And unfortunately for TNT broadcast crew and I’m talking about the three in the announcement booth, there broadcast was hard to listen too.

2. However, during the Michigan Cup Series race, today was the first time that I logged on to TNT’s RaceBuddy on since it was made available and I can see what many NASCAR fans are raving about.

The several enhanced cameras, leaderboard and chat on the right side is a great way to enhance a viewer watching the race either from at home or anywhere were they have a computer and an internet connections.

I truly believe that the TNT RaceBuddy was the only good part of the race especially when I clicked my notebooks mute button and me clicking the mute button says a lot especially considering the audio was from the three announcers in the booth about 3-5 seconds behind the actual TV broadcast itself. And yes I did try to mute the TV as well, I needed to know what was going on during the race.

In wake of all of this, I believe and hope that NASCAR really sees that while the TV broadcasts are very important to having for the fans to watch, the fact is in this every changing world and considering more households are ditching cable and satellite television and resorting to just there internet connections, online broadcasts of especially the full races themselves are vital to keeping the fans engaged and watching NASCAR in general not only here in the United States of America, but internationally as well.

And for me personally, the RaceBuddy is a great start. Of course, the technology is in place already, just look at as a concept. But keep in mind in order to view, your cable or I believe satellite company must subscribe to it in order for you to use it.
That actually needs to be free for all.

So what do NASCAR fans think of the TNT RaceBuddy and how do you watch NASCAR races?

Full Disclaimer: My opinion on TNT’s RaceBuddy in this article is all of my own and no one has asked me to write this article, nor paid me anything to do so. When I see something that I like, I tend to blog on it.