Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NASCAR: Cale Yarborough, Darrell Waltrip, Dale Inman, Richie Evans, and Glenn Wood are the 2012 class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Welcome readers, for the third class, today at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, it was announced that Cale Yarborough, Darrell Waltrip, Dale Inman, Richie Evans and Glenn Wood would be the 2012 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductees. I believe that each year, this process is going to get harder and harder as we go along, but I have to say that unlike the 2011 class, I’m not as surprised as I thought I would be except for one.

So without further delay, here we go, here is the 2012 class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and what a class it is including well deserved and overdue.

1. Cale Yarborough, Driver (1957-1988), winner of three consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup titles, 1976-78, 83 Cup wins and 4-Time Daytona 500 winner. Simply put well deserved and overdue. I thought Cale should have gone in 2011, but you know the biggest deal here is at least he got in and that’s what’s going to happen with everybody.

2. Darrell Waltrip, winner of 84 races, three NASCAR Sprint Cup championships, 1989 Daytona 500 winner and TV Broadcaster. I added him to my list a few times already, but I often wondered if Waltrip would get in now because Waltrip is still so involved in the sport as a TV Broadcaster, but great to see Waltrip get in.

But for those who don’t believe he should be in either right now or in general, Darrell Waltrip isn’t just a TV broadcaster, Waltrip is a three-time Cup Series Champion, Daytona 500 winner, a personality that is unmatched by anyone else in NASCAR and I can’t wait to see Waltrip up on stage in January.

3. Dale Inman, Crew Chief (1958-1992) 193 Cup wins, 8 Cup titles and won 27 races in 1967 (with the same racecar). Finally, the first crew chief gets into the NASCAR Hall of Fame and in my opinion, Dale Inman is the best crew chief in NASCAR as he was at the helm of one of the best drivers in NASCAR, Richard Petty. It must have been interesting being a crew chief back then and being a part of 193 Cup wins and 8 Cup Titles. Of course Inman also was crew chief for Terry Labonte in 1984 when they won the Cup Series Champion together.

4. Richie Evans, nine-time NASCAR Modified champion including eight consecutively from 1978-85. I had actually choose Richie Evans as my picks for the 2011 Class, but it’s great to see that the voting panel choose a driver that was a Cup Series driver. Evans getting in says a lot of the sport.

5. Glen Wood, as driver, laid foundation for Wood Brothers' future team success, Driver/Owner (1953-1964), 4 Cup wins as a driver, 98 Cup wins.

But I will say that Cale Yarborough was a no brainer for 2012, I really didn’t know what to expect from the voting panel this time around, but all five picks were excellent including the surprise of Glenn Wood.

As for 2013, I would have to say that H. Clay Earles, Raymond Parks, and Cotton Owens are all favorites for next year, but I do hope that some would consider Leonard Wood as well as he helped revolutionize pit stops as a contender next year. The NASCAR Hall of Fame isn’t just for the Cup Series, it’s for all of NASCAR and the 2012 class sure did show it.

But like this year told us, nobody is a lock.