Sunday, June 12, 2011

F1: Should Jenson Button be allowed to keep his Canadian GP victory? What penalty will Button receive for two under investigations?

At this moment, following the finish of the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada, I’m speechless and left scratching my head as to what really just happened.

Basically if you missed the Canadian GP, you missed 4 hours of a weird day of racing that featured several laps of racing including Jenson Button squeezing teammate Lewis Hamilton into the outside wall, Hamilton retires and Button receives a pass through penalty, but I don't know exactly what the pass through was for...some said the incident, while other said it was for a safety car issue, I don't know..

A two-hour or so rain-delay and then a weird race to the checkered flag. And during that period, it was Vettel out front for Red Bull. Meanwhile, the rest of the drivers were driving as hard as they could to get everything they could while teams make several pit stops for the correct type of tires to deal with the every changing track conditions and weather conditions.

- Michael Schumacher put on a show during the second half of the race by driving all the way up to the 2nd spot, but unfortunate he would end up getting passed by Jenson Button and Mark Webber to finish in the 4th spot.

- Sebastian Vettel would basically dominate most of the race all day long, making no mistakes, but in the end, his tire choice and getting heavy pressure on the final lap from Jenson Button would make a mistake and slide off line and would end up losing the lead and finishing 2nd for a Red Bull 2-3 finish.

But the Canadian GP would end up being all about Jenson Button and his wild race, but with two investigations for incidents involving Jenson Button during the race, I’m how Jenson Button will come out of this one.

Let me explain why Jenson Button has a question mark on his victory at the Canadian GP…
In the early stages of the race before the rain-delay, Jenson Button was battling for position with teammate Lewis Hamliton. On the front straightaway, Hamilton had a run on Button to the inside, But Button would squeeze Hamilton into the outside/pit wall which would end Hamilton’s day.

I don’t know why Hamilton wouldn’t back out, but I place blame mostly on Button for the incident. Button would as a result get a drive through penalty and Stewarts would investigate the incident after the race. Penalty I would assume coming soon.

The second incident was between Jenson Button and another former F1 Champion, Fernando Alonso which Button made contact with Alonso and Alonso would end up beached on a curb and forced to retire. I don’t know if Button received a drive through penalty or just, but Stewarts said they would investigate incident after the race. Penalty I would assume is forth coming.

So the magic question is, what penalty will be handed down by the FIA/Formula 1 officials and will Button still be able to keep the win?

Personally, in some ways, Jenson Button’s victory was a hollow one in some ways because of his aggressive and dangerous at times driving that forced two drivers to retire early.

But I will say that on the flip side, I hate watching Sebastian Vettel dominate these races and win the majority of them, its boring. So when another driver comes up and challenges and manages to pass Vettel for position and win the race, its exciting. But again problem is, Button retired two drivers for avoidable contact, so it’s a double-edged sword.

Thoughts, should Jenson Button be allowed to keep the Canadian GP victory and be stripped? And would the FIA/Formula 1 really strip him of the victory or just hand him a fine, points and grid position penalty?

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