Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fan Insight: Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert win big at the 2011 ACM Awards in Las Vegas

Welcome readers, tonight is all about the 46th Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, where country music comes together to celebrate the artists (in one of four awards shows), to see who wins the awards and to perform for the fans.

Heading into the ACMs, originally I was both excited and disappointed. You see, to me the ACMs isn’t just about the awards, but more for the live performances. I mean this is where an artist can showcase something new, something different that country music fans might not normally see. But I was also disappointed considering Carrie Underwood fan and Lady Antebellum wasn't up for entertainer of the year. Am I missing something here?

However in watching the 46th ACMs, the disappointment quickly turned to a good entertaining night from some surprise winners to the return of Sara Evans to name just a few of the highlights from tonight’s show.  

But you know by the end of the night, two ladies ended up stealing the show.

First Miranda Lambert with an amazing performance and her walking away with three awards including TOP FEMALE VOCALIST, SONG OF THE YEAR and SINGLE RECORD OF THE YEAR. Of course Song of the year and Single record of the year was “The House That Built Me”. There was really no real surprise here, I’ve heard and watched the video of “The House That Built Me” so many times, and it’s a great song.

And second, Taylor Swift. Taylor’s performance of “Mean” left me speechless (yes I’m a Taylor Swift fan and thinks she’s cute, so get over it. I do try and write on a Bias level, but in being a fan, I can also highlight my favorites too.). You know I’m always surprised to see all of the songs that she has written on her experiences as well as people around her and I’m a surprised to see how many people have hurt her in her life. She an amazing person, but I guess some people can just be mean to say the least.

And of course for her big fan voted win for ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR. I don’t know about over country music fans, but I love the fact that Taylor is so surprised when she wins, its like watching an underdog win a race or in this case, an award. Great job Taylor and good luck with your upcoming tour.

A few key highlights: (in no particular order)

- I liked the co-hosting duo of Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton especially the opening monologue, despite the very weird wedding night opening to the show that showed Blake Shelton singing to what looks to be his wife to be Miranda Lambert, but turn out to be Reba McEntire in a wedding dress.

- Carrie Underwood featuring Steven Tyler singing “Undo it” was simply the wrong song for Tyler, but the switch over to one of his songs made the performance more interesting and brought the crowd to their feed. Of course just the sight of Carrie Underwood in an amazing outfit (with the award for best legs again) and Steven Tyler on stage would get a crowd to there feet, so you really could go wrong there.

- Interesting seeing a second location being introduced with Sugarland, Eric Church, and The Band Perry hit the stage in front of a huge crowd. Of course hats off to The Band Perry that took home TOP NEW ARTIST, good job, well deserved and a good sound too.

- One amazing treat in the performance category had to be the return of Sara Evans. Eva Longoria is right, she does have an amazing voice and she never missed a beat in her performance, great job.

- In the Awards category, there were three awards in particular that were no surprise to me. These artists are the best in there categories, they hold chart topping records and at this point, simply no one can touch them. Yes I’m talking about:

* Brad Paisley (who pickup TOP MALE VOCALIST)
* Sugarland (who pickup TOP VOCAL DUO)
* Lady Antebellum won TOP VOCAL GROUP and ALBUM OF THE YEAR for “Need You Now“

Maybe the ACMs should merge the Duo and Group categories, and then they would have a fight on their hands. And if you really want to top it off, let the fans vote for the winner.

And with that, that’s all for the 46th Academy of Country Music Awards, congrats to Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, they both came away winner tonight.