Saturday, March 5, 2011

What repairs should hybrid car owners go to the dealership for?

Welcome readers, with gasoline prices not only here in the United States, but internationally going up, it is likely that once gasoline prices go beyond $4.00 per gallon here in the U.S., consumers will opt not only to change their driving habits, but some will buy or trade up their current vehicle for a vehicle that has better fuel economy.

As a matter fact, while consumers do have several options, according to a recent USA Today/Gallup Poll, they found that approximately six out of 10 consumers say they would look at a gas/electric hybrid when the time comes to replace their current vehicle.

So since there are already hundreds of thousands of hybrids already on the road and more consumers expecting to buy hybrids in the near future, has some advice for hybrid owners on what are the top 5 repairs they can do themselves vs. the top 5 repairs hybrid owners should leave repairs to the experts and take the hybrid to a dealership.

Top Five Hybrid Car Repairs for DIYers/Independent Repair Shop:
1. Oil and Filter Change
2. Brake Repairs
3. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
4. Tire Maintenance
5. Fluid Check

However just like in many of today’s modern cars, there are currently repairs that consumers should take there vehicles to an expert and in the case of hybrid owners, that is even more important.

Top five Hybrid Car repairs for dealership experts:
1. Battery Replacement
2. Electric Motor Repairs
3. Motor Controller Repairs
4. Electrical Connections and Computer Controls
5. Diagnosing a Problem

In the case of most repairs on a given modern vehicle whether it’s a hybrid vehicle or not, the independent repair shop that is certified will work just fine. However especially in hybrid cars, the dealership is the best place to go for repairs on current components that need that trained expert for those components.