Saturday, March 12, 2011

From RaceDriven to Arcadia: Time for you to learn the difference between discussion comments and spam (advertisement) comments.

Welcome readers, one of the biggest double-edged swords sort of speak in blogging is comments. As being a blogger for the past 6 years now, I’ve seen and read a lot of both positive and negative comments here on

However over the past few years especially, I have been finding myself having to moderate my comments because I have been getting a third type of comment, a span comment. You know, I actually love to read comments that I get from my readers whether they are positive or negative. But I hate reading spam comments.

So that brings me to this article and the subject of spam (and advertisement) comments. You see within the month of March 2011, I have been receiving several spam (and advertisement) comments and amazingly enough, most of them have been coming from the same person that leaves the username Arcadia.

Now normally I’m not the type of person or blogger/writer for that matter that writes articles that calls visitors out, I normally prefer informational articles or long blurbs (long tweets) or just personal comments, but this can’t go unaddressed, it must be discussed.

Here is a preview of what this commenter has been leaving me: (Spam or Advertisement comments)
1. Arcadia said...
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2. Arcadia said...
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3. Arcadia said...
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These three (spam/advertisement comments) are just a sample of what I have received from this so-called commenter, the only reason I even noticed is that my blogging platform right now on Blogger has a spam folder and these three were in it. Other comments like this from this person have made it through the spam filter and where rejected and deleted.

These comments above violate at least two basic guidelines, one it doesn’t add to the discussion, two, it has a giant advertisement (namely the textlink) inside it. The comment isn’t related to anything.

Now if anyone wants to leave a comment here on, please feel free to do so, only under the guidelines that:

1. You must sign-in with your name or username to leave a comment
2. The comment adds to the discussion
3. The comment is clean with no personal attacks
4. The comment has no advertisements inside them
5. You may include a link to a useful article on an external site only if it adds to the discussion.

And I will respond to the comment if a response is needed. Otherwise if a comment is received that violates one or more of the guidelines, the comment will be rejected, deleted and maybe made into a post on what no to do (made an example of). is my blog and whatever comment is left, I can republish the comment in a post on RaceDriven if I so choose without saying a word.

Here is a few comments that I accepted and makes a statement:
1. DaleJarrett4Ever said...
Hats off to Gordon on a fantastic win. He is right, he stinks at burnouts and even stalls the car out after it but what a driver he is and such a class act. I thought it funny he had the same saying as Bayne last weekend.."Are you kidding me"

Congrats to Jeff and his team.

2. buyamericanchallenge said...
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Both comment above are good comments. The first one deliveries a solid opinion and I agree with his too. The second comment is full of information and an opinion. He gave me a useful link that worked.

I hope that this article shows what not to do in the comment.

Note: Readers should know that I’m considering “hiding comments”, meaning not allowing anyone to comment anymore and be done with this feature. And if readers want to say anything to me, they can email me or maybe I will setup a separate site like on Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Tumblr or whatever for comments to be posted there in the future.

Feel free to comment below.