Monday, January 17, 2011

10 tips on winterize your car for travel including a winter emergency car kit.

As drivers in 49 of 50 states in the United States are dealing with different amounts of snow including up here in Massachusetts where we have 2 feet of snow on ground and more on the way. Driving has become a lot more difficult and dangerous which could result in car troubles that you didn’t expect.

So here is a Ten Point check list to winterize your car:

1.Check the antifreeze (coolant).

2. Change the engine oil.

3. Check the tires.

4. Check the battery.

5. Check the belts and hoses.

6. Check the wipers and wiper fluid.

7. Check the emergency kit.
Typically an emergency kit will include a portable shovel, a flash light, flairs, and more. Try searching Google for “emergency car kit” or “winter car kit”. Each one typically will run you $20-90 depending upon the size and items included.

8. Check 4WD operation if equipped.

9. Change your driving habits.

10. Wash and wax your car.