Friday, October 29, 2010

NASCAR: Harvick vs. Jeff Burton, Jeff Gordon vs. Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch vs. Johnson, sounds like Martinsville too me.

As the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has already unloaded and practiced at Talladega Superspeedway, I just wanted to take this moment and put a period on last week's episode if you will in the chase for the Sprint Cup.

The above clip is from this past Wednesday night's Inside NASCAR on Showtime and after hearing what these four guys thought, here is my take, and yes Chris Myers was right, Harvick does come off sounding like a jurk on the radio.

Note: Inside NASCAR seems to be a show that I'm actually enjoying and that is mainly due to the multi-part recaps of the previous race including all of the unedited radio chatter which gets heated at times.

And as I say that, Martinsville was some of the most heated radio chatter I've heard all season long from Harvick vs. teammate Burton, Kyle Busch vs. Jimmie Johnson to Jeff Gordon vs. Kurt Busch. Isn't amazing, we basically have most of the case of suspects on this list.

First, Johnson vs. Busch: Jimmie Johnson's job isn't to pull over and let Kyle Busch pass him, instead its to make him work for it. Both are running for a championship and points matter, but so does racing. This is a race, race for the spot period. And good for Johnson to make Busch earn the spot, but I don't know about the middle finger part, wow...

Second, Kevin Harvick vs. Jeff Burton: Burton was just plain racing and especially at Martinsville where everything is tight, you are bound to upset people. And Harvick does sound like a jurk on the radio especially with his pit crew. Personally I didn't see Burton do anything wrong, he was just racing for position and trying to get into to position to possibly win the race.

Third, Jeff Gordon vs. Kurt Busch: Gordon went into turn 3 hard and pushed Busch out of the way. However at this point I would have expected Busch to go into turn 1 and do the same to Gordon. But instead Kurt Busch loss all respect and any class and wrecked (payback) Gordon the straightaway instead, basically ending any hopes for Gordon in the championship.

As much as I'm not a Gordon fan, Gordon didn't deserve what he got. Of course Busch now claims its payback that goes back in the #2's history including when Rusty Wallace drove the car. Busch, deal with what Gordon did to you, and let Wallace deal with Gordon himself (which he already did several times) and Kurt Busch should get a life and learn how to drive. That move took no talent, no skill and no brains, it was the wrong move to make and in the perfect NASCAR, he would have been parked for the remainder of the race.

Well that basically caps off Martinsville, now I wonder what will happen Sunday at Talladega...oh brother, I don't like Talladega period.