Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kurt Busch makes a blatant payback move wrecking Jeff Gordon in the Tums 500 in Martinsville: The Top 6 NASCAR things learned from Race 6 of the chase.

Welcome readers, after this past weekend’s racing at Martinsville Speedway, the NASCAR Cup Series chase for the Sprint Cup has just four races to go in the 2010 season and now sees a 3-man battle for the championship. So what are the top 6 NASCAR things learned from Martinsville II race.

1. Kurt Busch takes a page from Carl Edwards playbook and makes a blatant payback move wrecking Jeff Gordon. This terrible move by Kurt Busch couldn’t have come at a worse time for Jeff Gordon as unlike Kurt Busch who just quit the chase last weekend at Charlotte, Gordon still had a decent shot at his fifth championship, that until after a turn 3 bump, let Kurt Busch to make a blatant payback move on Jeff Gordon on the front straightaway. That move by Kurt Busch took no brains or talent by Kurt Busch to pull off and yet the stupid this is he will get away with it because NASCAR doesn’t care. This is the junk that turns me off about NASCAR.

NASCAR, this is what NASCAR racing is suppose to be all about, fans cheer for there favorite driver and in this case, its Dale Earnhardt Jr. who lead at Martinsville and finished 7th. And not the "Boy's Have at it!" (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR via Yahoo! Sports)

2. Mark Martin has another good run, finishing in 2nd at Martinsville. After a long season for Mark Martin, Martin in a battered racecar ends up being the fastest car in the long run to charge his way up and finishing in 2nd. Good job.

3. RCR swaps pit crews between #29 Kevin Harvick and #33 Clint Bowyer and proves #29 pit crew can get the job done. Honestly in a lot of cases in NASCAR, it isn’t the pit crew or the crew chief that is the problem, but the driver. And in the case of Kevin Harvick vs. his old pit crew, Harvick in my opinion was the problem.

Now of course I wonder how long it will be before Harvick blames his pit crew, his life line in racing for his problems during a race? Give it one or two more races before it all comes apart for the #29 team. But I do want to add something, if Jimmie Johnson doesn’t win this championship, then I would like to see RCR finally win another Cup Series championship.

4. Kasey Kahne release from RPM, joins Red Bull Racing early, starting at Martinsville. (Read more…)

5. Denny Hamlin wins at Martinsville, and is within –6 points of Jimmie Johnson in chase standings. Wow Denny Hamlin winning at Martinsville, there’s a shocker and yet the big story is Kurt Busch vs. Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin finishing 2nd, oh well, better luck next time Denny, now its just page five news.

6. NASCAR Facebook page surprises 1 Million “Likes” or fans. On Thursday, I received a PR email saying that the NASCAR Facebook page passed 1 Million “likes”.

As the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has just four races to go, many in the media have pegged Talladega as the wild card race. However while I peg every race as a wild card, it will be interesting to see what will happen at Talladega Superspeedway and who will emerge as the championship leader. But I do dread Talladega, I just simply put dislike Talladega racing period, so next week might be an off week for me.
And after a good run for Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Martinsville, can Dale Jr. win at Talladega, anything can happen.