Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video: Jennette McCurdy's "Not That Far Away" - I love this song and video is good too.


I've been a country music fan for several years now, it all started with listing to Carrie Underwood's first album "Some Hearts" when it came out back in November 2005 and Taylor Swift's self titled first album a year later and now I'm also listening to Gloriana, Lady Antebellum, Julianne Hough, a little bit of Trace Adkins and Bomshel just to name a few. However I'm always interested in listening to new artists music when it comes out especially if I like the music video including Mallary Hope, Katie Armiger and more.

But up until I saw the music video above (Jennette McMurdy's "Not That Far Away"), I had never heard of Jennette, one reason could be that I'm 31 years old and don't watch Disney Channel. Anyway the reason I'm sharing this video with my readers is that I love this song, its so true. It is truly country, it tells a good story. Everybody is looking to follow there dreams and I'm no exception. I wish Jennette McCurdy the best on embarking on her new country music career and if this song is a sample of things to come, then she will do well in country music.

What do you think, do you share the same passion in liking this song as I do?