Thursday, September 9, 2010

Speedlinking: Stewart wins in Atlanta, Expanding Chase is a bad move, Bodine vs. Kyle Busch, ESPN and the U.S. Nationals.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another Motorsports edition of Speedlinking. For this edition of speedlinking, we have Stewart winning, while NASCAR lost in Atlanta, more on Todd Bodine vs. Kyle Busch, NASCAR putting a lot on ESPN for the final strength, ESPN not televising the US Nationals live and what about expanding the chase field.

1. Atlanta race makes Stewart look good, NASCAR look dumb by Jeff Schultz.
As a Tony Stewart fan, his win on Sunday night at Atlanta was huge all the way around especially considering the chase is on the horizon in New Hampshire and ever win gets you closurer to the front of the lineup. But not everything is great in Atlanta, it was announced that NASCAR would only go to Atlanta Motor Speedway once next year and not twice as in years past.

Now while several people and fans are not happy with this call including Jeff Schultz who write the article above, I personally believe that the move was a good one, as a matter of fact, I believe that more tracks would be better with just one Cup Series date, because right now its all about attendence and selling tickets. But I should mention on thing, if your’re mad, don’t look just at NASCAR, but rather Brutt Smith and SMI, they made the descion to move one Cup date from Atlanta to Kentucky as part of NASCAR reorganization/realignment policy.

Now Atlanta will have to show that the track deserves two Cup dates again and promote their races in the future. But one tip, the spring race date needed to be moved, but the Labor day date is a good one.

2. Bodine, Brad K have harsh words for Kyle by Nascar: Beyond the Track
One question, is Kyle Busch a very aggressive driver as he stated last weekend at Atlanta or is he a dirty driver?

3. NASCAR banks on ESPN By Dustin Long
At first when I heard the news that ESPN was only going to have one chase race on ABC and move the rest to ESPN, I said this isn’t a step forward, but a step back. However after hearing that some ABC affiliates aren’t pre-empting the NASCAR races, I said maybe ESPN might not be a bad choice after all. I mean can you imagine being a NASCAR fan and you’re sitting down on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon to watch the big race on television and you find out that race has been pre-empted and no show for you. Damn I would be pissed off, but NASCAR wouldn’t have that issue if the races are on ESPN instead. So the move should be better for most NASCAR fans. But I you don’t have ESPN, then it’s not.

Personally I can live with it considering I have ESPN, but can everybody else???

4. ESPN Failed to Broadcast US Nationals Live by
During the U.S. nationals, my father was on Twitter and he asked me if the Ashley Force Hood finals race came up next, I said no, I’m not even sure the semis have been aired yet, why…Just asking, I said let me guess considering you read it on Twitter and you only follow Ford racing that means she won the U.S. nationals. Great, that means this is 1 hour plus behind, great, the biggest race of the year and ESPN can’t televise it live, what will they do next…that’s terrible, ESPN should know better.

5. Expanding the Chase field could do more harm than good for NASCAR by Cory McCartney.
I believe that expanding the field to 12 was a mistake let along to now 15. I’m sick of giving driver with poor performances gifts, give me a break. NASCAR stick it back 10 drivers in the chase and leave it along. And no eliminations neither, that would wreck the sport for sure.

You see NASCAR is a performance driven business and if you don’t have the results, you don’t win, so why should drivers with no real results be rewarded with a trip to the chase… Right now going into the 2010 chase, there is really only 8 drivers at best that have a real chance of being contenders for the title and that will drop quickly to 5 at best by 5 to go. And yes Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch will be among the 5 going for the championship at the end.

Bottom line:
This Saturday night at Richmond for the Cup Series should be very entertaining, no not for who locks into the chase because everybody that will be contenders for the title are already in, but for a good old’ fashion Saturday night race under the lights on a short track. I believe that Denny Hamlin will be strong, but it will come down to a classic duel between Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart for the victory and its anybody’s guess as to who will win this one.