Sunday, September 5, 2010

NASCAR: Todd Bodine tells it like it is about Kyle Busch in victory lane at Kentucky after winning Truck race.

Ever since January when Brian France and NASCAR said “Boy’s, Have at it!”, the drivers not only on track, but off track especially in their interviews have opened up just a little bit more. In the 2010 season, NASCAR drivers have given the media and the fans some amazing and memorable sound bits from Jeff Gordon saying “the 48 is testing my patience’s, I can tell you that”.

Credit: Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCAR

But I have to say that the best sound bit that I have heard so far in the 2010 season was from Todd Bodine in victory lane last Friday night. You see, last Friday night at Kentucky Motor Speedway in the Truck Series race, on lap 96 of 150, Bodine was racing Kyle Busch for the lead and Bodine was underneath coming off turn 4, racing tight and Bodine lost his truck and spun into the grass on the front straightaway. Now I really didn’t see anything wrong there, but I will mention that I did the previous week at Chicagoland.

But that spin would put Todd Bodine on a different fuel strategy and enabled him to strength his fuel and win the race. So in victory lane, Todd Bodine told SPEED "The first person I've got to thank is Kyle Busch for driving dirty and sucking me down and getting me spun out and giving us the gas"

Of course following that interview, Kyle Busch heard that comment and came running into victory lane to confront Bodine. The conversation got heated for a moment and then Kyle Busch left victory lane.

But wait there’s more, after Kyle Busch left victory lane, a SPEED reporter followed up with Todd Bodine where he said "He wasn't happy that I called him out on TV", "It's a shame that -- he's such a good kid and when you get him away from this racing atmosphere and he's off just being Kyle, he's a good kid. He's a lot of fun, I've been there with him. But you put him behind the wheel and he thinks he owns the racetrack. And he doesn't cut anybody a break and if this was an isolated incident, I'd let it slide, I wouldn't worry about it. But he drives that way in every division, every week, and he didn't like it." (Quotes from From the Marbles – Yahoo Sports!)

That second comment was the best hands down and Bodine is right, I’m sure Busch is a nice guy off the track, I know fans say that especially on WindTunnel, but on-track he just doesn’t get it and I tip my hat to Bodine, Bodine said what many haven’t this year and good for him. And Bodine had every right to call out Busch because this isn’t an isolated incident. Bodine had problems with Busch last week a Chicagoland in the Truck race as well when Busch pinched Bodine to the outside wall, forcing Bodine to lift or they would have collided.

If you have watched Kyle Busch drive in all three of NASCAR’s national series especially in the Nationwide Series, Busch does drive like he owns the place. Bristol is another example; Busch came off turn 4 late in the race while racing for the lead and pinched Brad Keselowski, but Brad didn’t lift and Busch ended up driving down into turn 2 and wrecking him. That was purely payback. And I could go on and on with examples…

In all of this, now I just have to wonder, since talking to Kyle Busch doesn’t work, will any driver risk getting retaliation from Kyle Busch and wreck him. Now I want to go on record and say “that I don’t believe in retaliation or payback in the form of wrecking another driver. However if talking to them and trying to run clean with them doesn’t work, then payback is the only option in racing.” Its happen for decades now, just ask Richard Petty, David Pearson, Junior Johnson, Darrell Waltrip just to name a few, they have done it and gotten it right back and so have the late, great Dale Earnhardt.

But don’t expect Todd Bodine or Brad Keselowski to retaliate. Last week on WindTunnel, Bodine said that he wouldn’t wreck Busch back, what would that do to his points if Busch came back and wrecked him and I will add, not to mention his truck. Germain Racing doesn’t have that many Trucks in the stable that could be very costly especially with them running somewhat out of their own pockets. And Brad Keselowski is past that, plus same thing goes for him, he is running for the championship and he wants to win too.

So who might, I’m thinking you will have to wait for Homestead-Miami once championships are wrapped up or Juan Montoya, Ryan Newman, Joey Logano just to name a few. Any which way, don’t expect anything, but what a good sound bit.