Thursday, September 30, 2010

Matt Kenseth discusses Hot Topics on Inside NASCAR about from crew chiefs, the chase and more and I’ll give you my take as well as the RCR-Bowyer appeal results.

Last night on Inside NASCAR on Showtime, the 2003 Cup Series Championship Matt Kenseth sat down with the hosts to answer a few Facebook questions in Hot Topics from crew chiefs, the chase and more. But once again thanks to the Inside NASCAR on Showtime PR, here is the clip. I thought that Kenseth did a good job answering the questions.

However, I too as a blogger and NASCAR fan have my take on not only the three hot topics discussed on Inside NASCAR, but also the breaking news on Clint Bowyer-RCR vs. NASCAR appeal results. So check out the clip and then check out my answers below to the same questions. But one thing, I left out the final two questions since it was on family, this is a Automobile, Motorsports and NASCAR blog, not a celebrity news site.

1. Did the “Have at it, Boy’s!” speech make you more aggressive?
While Kenseth said that it really didn’t make a difference for him and that he would deal with things the same way. I believe that the “Have at it, Boy’s!” speech did have an effect on several drivers starting with Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon (a little bit, but he’s always driven this way) and more just to name a few. I believe that the speech open the door for several drivers to drive there other competitors more aggressively and pushing the edge of dirty driving with no real penalty from NASCAR.

Like I said, Carl Edwards especially has taken NASCAR’s speech to heart as he has blatantly wrecked Brad Keselowski twice, once at Atlanta and the second one at Gateway during a Nationwide Series race. In both cases, Carl received a slap on the wrist for creating a dangerous situation. I believe that Carl thinks he is playing a video game when it does it.

But I believe Kenseth when he said it really didn’t make a difference considering he is racing the same now as he was years ago.

2. Will Robbie Reiser ever be your crew chief again?
I don’t even believe that Robbie Reiser will be Matt Kenseth’s crew chief again unless maybe Jack Roush says something. I believe that Reiser is doing what he wants to do inside the Roush-Fenway Racing organization. But even more, now Kenseth and RFR need to find a crew chief that the chemistry is there. It’s almost like creating the perfect storm or developing a relationship into a marriage, not every is going to work out.

3. What changes would you make to the chase if it was up to you?
I agree with him when he said put it back to the way it was. And I also agree with him when he said that since the chase was created, the best car has won every year. However as many readers here on know, I would also tighten up the points system including making 30th thru 43rd worth the same amount of points, more points for a top 5 finish and award points for qualifying up in the top 5.

Final lap: What happened with round 1 of the Bowyer-RCR vs. NASCAR appeal?
After everything was done, last night the NASCAR appeals board heard the case of Bowyer-RCR vs. NASCAR and upheld penalty. Of course RCR immediately filed the appeal for the chief, so now we wait for on that appeal which is his last option. Personally if this was 6-thousands of an inch off, I could have seen a particular reduction of penalty and part of me hoped anyway, but since the car was 60-thousands of an inch off and that the appeals board upheld NASCAR’s penalty, I really don’t see this appeal being successful for RCR.

Of course in my eyes, this is just another loss/loss situation for RCR and NASCAR, RCR losses appeal and NASCAR losses as fans get more frustrated with NASCAR and stop watching.