Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Brother 12: Who should win out of the final four?

Well ladies and gentlemen, the Big Brother 12 season is winding down and with just four houseguests remaining in the house, its really anybodies game at this point. However just like in past 11 seasons, once the game gets to the final four, its decision time, who do you want to take to the final two. But for the fans, it’s the discussion that if we had a vote, who would we want to win Big brother 12?

Well even though CBS doesn’t allow the fans to vote or be a member of the Big Brother jury, I thought that I would run down the final four and give my take on who I think should win. Now the way I look at Big Brother is the same way I look at Survivor, a houseguest or player has to outwit, outlast and outplay all of the other competitors in order to be a true player and be crowned the winner of Big Brother.

So from who I want to win the most right down to least, here we go.

1. Britney. In being the only female in the house that really hasn’t stopped Britney from being the most competitive person in the house at this point in the game. She has outplayed the other final three HG’s by winning one HOH and I believe 3 POV’s so far. She has put herself in position in the house especially with aligning herself with Lane, despite the fact the brigade still holds three strong. Britney has proven throughout the game that she will do what it takes to win and that includes winning challenges.

At this point, I would really like to see Britney win BB12, she has earned it. But for that to happen, she would have to win the final POV to stay in the game or convince the sole person who casts the only vote this week not to evict her. But her chances are slim unless its Lane and then she has a chance.

2. Hayden. If Britney doesn’t win, Hayden would be the next logical choice and the one that I believe will win just by looking at the numbers and who he is aligned with, plus how many votes he might get in the jury house. Hayden has outplayed the other HG’s by winning two HOH’s so far. Hayden was the first HOH and was the HOH on double-eviction week.

But I have to be honest in saying his strongest move has been aligning himself with Matt and his two other Brigade members (Lane and Enzo). He only plays when he has too and throws challenges the rest of the time. Let’s be honest, out of the remaining Brigade members, he has the most blood on his hands or has had a hand in getting out some of the jury members. But again he most likely will win BB12. And I would congratulate him if he did.

3 and 4 are Lane and Enzo. Up till two weeks ago, I really didn’t even notice that either one was even in the house sort of speck especially when it comes to game play. And of course neither one of them have really done any game play besides attach themselves to Hayden and especially Matt that did all of the work.

Now I will give Lane some credit, he won 1 HOH only after another Brigade member lost. And he saved Britney from possible eviction last week which was a good move especially for Britney. But really he has floated.

However nobody has floated through BB12 better than Enzo. Enzo has won 1 POV in a smashing way to make sure Ragen went home. His biggest move has been also attaching himself to Matt and Hayden along with Lane and doing nothing.

I have to say that in watching this secret Brigade walk their way through this game was interesting, but now that three are in the final four, it’s kind of sad that we have two people that have floated to the end, but it’s not the first time neither…hint hint June. But I wonder what the jury will think of either one or both if in the final two?

I do believe that Matt and Brenden will have something interesting to say of course that they really didn’t play the game and who knows what Rachael will say.

However especially for Lane to win big Brother, they should take Britney to the final two considering Britney has no friends in the jury house. And taking Hayden most likely will guarantee them $50,000 and a runner up finish. But keep in mind, I do think that it might not matter for Enzo as he might just steal this one considering he has no blood on his hands and is friends with just about everyone in the jury house.

At this point Big Brother has done all they can do, now it’s time for the game play to begin, a person needs to win POV to be save this week and cast the sole eviction vote. Then win the final three-part HOH in order to go to the final two.

But I will say that in watching the entire season of Big brother 12 and being a huge BB fan, I will say that this season has the one of the best in Big Brother history hands down and yes that includes Rachael, of course now I know why the house relaxed a little bit after she was evicted, damn she created some of the drama in how she treated the other Houseguests.

So now its all up to the Houseguests, who wants it the most and who will win the final POV and go on to win the final three-part HOH, see you Wednesday for a special eviction episode.

What are your thoughts on BB12 so far, is it the best season in Big Brother history? Who do you think will win?