Sunday, August 8, 2010

Video: Tony Stewart dumps Boris Said after being squeezed at Watkins Glen.

I have already commented on this Stewart/Said incident in my earlier article "Top 6 NASCAR things learned from Watkins Glen and Nashville – Juan Montoya wins the Heluva Good at the Glen." That I published earlier today.

However just like so many of my article ideas come from, I was on WindTunnel’s Facebook page and I read a comment that just begged for a real explanation considering the two incidents are completely different.

The person commented "why is it tony admits he dumped sedd and no one says a word but carl dose it he gits fined its bull?"

Where do I start with this question, well let’s look at the Tony Stewart/Boris Said incident which is the video above. On lap 65 of 90 in the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen, Boris Said was attempting to make a pass for position on Tony Stewart going into turn 1. When the two drivers came out of turn 1 and was racing down to turn 2, Said was squeezing Stewart out of the top groove towards the outside wall, Said in an interview said he thought that Stewart had fallen in behind him and yet his spotter said inside to your door just before the incident.

When Said didn’t give Stewart any room, Stewart held his ground and as a result Said went off his front bumper, spun around and hit hard into the outside wall which ended his day in the #83 Red Bull Toyota. Now I do have to admit that Stewart did dumped Said, but I believe too that Stewart was holding his ground. No driver deserves to be squeezed out like that. The incident took place in a braking zone at the Glen going into turn 2, keep that in mind.

Now switching gears, the Carl Edwards/Brad Keselowski incidents have been going on over the last two seasons. The first incident in the spring 2009 Talladega Cup race which Brad won was a racing deal that happened because of blocking, hard racing and NASCAR’s yellow-line rule. If anybody is too blame, it would be NASCAR, Brad did what Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart said to do, hold your line and don’t go below the yellow line.

The next incident, Brad Keselowski said and apologized for getting into Edwards back at Memphis in the 2009 Nationwide Series race in route to the victory.

Then comes the problem, at Atlanta earlier this season, after a wreck between Brad Keselowski, Joey Logano and Carl Edwards was a racing deal, Brad had no where to go period and even Edwards said he didn’t blame Brad. But in the late stages of the race, Carl Edwards was back on track and it took him 60-something laps and with a few laps to go, after missing the time around, Edwards retaliated on Brad Keselowski on the front straightaway at high speed at Atlanta, sending Brad flying in the air.

And finally last month at Gateway during the Nationwide Series race, after a good side-by-side battle and Brad Keselowski washed up into Edwards, but gave him room in turn 1 and 2, Edwards said your not stealing this victory from me (in victory lane) and coming off turn 4, Edwards drove into Brad Keselowski’s quarter panel and again wrecked Brad on the straightaway which caused a huge pileup and damaged several cars.

Basically, Stewart dumped Said in a corner, in a low speed area and isn’t trying to kill him, but with Edwards/Keselowski, Edwards continues to wreck Brad Keselowski on high speed tracks on the straightaway and these moves are so dangerous not only for Brad Keselowski, but for all of the competitors on-track. And Edwards doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong especially at Gateway.

Personally, Edwards has been slapped on the wrist and will wreck Brad Keselowski again this season. That’s the difference. It doesn’t take any talent or driving skill to drive into another competitor’s rear quarter and turn them around at high speed on the straightaway.

And Boris Said deserved what he got, while Brad Keselowski didn’t no matter what Edwards thinks.