Sunday, August 15, 2010

Top 6 NASCAR things learned from Michigan and Darlington – Kevin Harvick wins CarFax 400.

Well ladies and gentlemen, for this week’s edition of the “Top 6 NASCAR things learned”, I come to you from the hills of Michigan International Speedway and the track known as too tough to tame Darlington Raceway.

This week all three NASCAR national series were in action with both the Nationwide Series and the Cup Series in Michigan, while the Truck Series returns to Darlington and the racing had mixed results.

But before I jump into this article, I just wanted to say that after writing this for the last few weeks, I have decided to make this “top 6 NASCAR things learned” article a weekly thing. I have been searching for a new weekly NASCAR article or column for a while now and with the steady traffic this article receives, it was a given for a weekly thing.

Credit: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images for NASCAR
Brad Keselowski waves an American flag out of his window in celebration of winning the NASCAR Nationwide Series CARFAX 250 at Michigan International Speedway on Saturday.

1. Nationwide Series, Nationwide COT and Michigan make an interesting combination. Yesterday, Brad Keselowski in his Dodge Challenger dominated and held off Carl Edwards to win the Nationwide race. Now I have to admit, I only saw the last 50 or less laps of the race because I had things to do out. However from what I saw, the Nationwide COT does make for some good racing. But why is Chevrolet and Toyota running such terrible looking cars?

Nate Ryan on Twitter wrote “GM officials: Still no plans to bring Camaro into Nationwide Series in 2011. But they'll consider if NASCAR allows more side/rear identity.” That’s a slap in the face to NASCAR fans and is terrible for the Chevrolet brand, they aren’t making the most of there exposure in NASCAR. Put the Camaro into the Nationwide Series, instead of that terrible looking Impala SS.

As for Toyota, they could put the Prius, Corrolla or Scion tC in the Nationwide Series and run that. The point is, the Camry is horrible, this isn’t get the Cup Series, get with the program. Hopefully for 2011, both brands will give fans more to cheer about.

2. Kevin Harvick wins the CarFax 400 earlier today. In winning the race, it puts RCR back into victory lane at Michigan and more importantly especially for Harvick fans, he is locked into the chase and leads the points.

3. Michigan only needs one Cup Series date. I realize and know that I’m going to get blasted for this comment considering this is the motor city, but enough is enough, California lost one date, now its time for Michigan to loss one Cup Series dates as well. I don’t know what the attendance figures were, but look at the grandstands and more so, I just don’t find the racing at either California or Michigan entertaining period and that’s what really matters to NASCAR fans.

4. No Cup Series drivers in Darlington Truck Series, now that’s racing. For the second week in a row, the Truck Series race a stand alone event with no Cup Series drivers in the race. Of course the man and points leader Todd Bodine won the race, but the race was good to watch last night on SPEED. However the crowd is another story, but I will leave it to the media to discuss that issue. This event though for crowds should have been a doubleheader with another series like the Nationwide Series or even the Cup Series.

5. Silly Season moves. We now know that Kasey Kahne will drive a Red Bull Toyota in 2011 and Paul Menard will drive at RCR in 2011. I’ve already discussed this topic, click to read that article.

6. 2011 NASCAR Schedule. On Wednesday, August 18th, NASCAR will release the Cup Series schedule and with most of the tracks already making headlines with releasing their 2011 schedules and several media outlets already have a rough draft, I have to say that if what I saw was the final copy, I’m disappointed fully. NASCAR was trying to make bold moves, they didn’t, NASCAR went in the wrong direction. I’m interested in seeing the final copy of all three series that should be fun. All I got to say is Kentucky, Chicago and Kansas gain, while Phoenix, California and Atlanta lost on 2011 NASCAR Cup Series schedule.

Well that raps up this NASCAR report, now its time to look forward and its Bristol baby and my birthday week starting tomorrow. Yes next Monday, the 23rd, I will be turning 31 and I’m looking forward to the next week and I love Bristol racing especially with the Truck Series and Modified Series on Wednesday, the Nationwide Series on Friday and the Cup Series main event on Saturday night. What does everyone think?