Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top 6 NASCAR things learned from Bristol – Kyle Busch wins triple in Bristol, but isn’t the best in NASCAR.

Well ladies and gentlemen, in this week’s edition of the “Top 6 NASCAR things learned”, I give you my take on all of the racing action from the bullring in Thunder Valley, yes none other than Bristol Motor Speedway.

NASCAR gave fans a special treat this weekend, a quad-header (if you will) at Bristol Motor Speedway with four NASCAR series in action from the NASCAR Whelon Modified Tour and the Truck Series on Wednesday night, the Nationwide Series on Friday night and of course the main event, the 500 lapper Cup Series race on Saturday night.

But I do have to say that last week was very special for me as it was my birthday week. I know birthday week, well hay you only live life once and for one week a year, I celebrate my birthday. But consider this, it’s a week long of racing entertainment leading up to my birthday last Monday, yes August 23rd where I turned 31 years old. Now life really begins and that’s a good thing.

Anyway on to the racing action from Bristol and the previous week’s NASCAR edition of news. So what did we learn?

1. The 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule was released, one word “frustrating”. All I kept hearing for the last few months especially from Brian France was that NASCAR wanted to make well bold moves, change the schedule and make it better for the fans. Well, where was the schedule better for the fans exactly? A perfect example of frustration had to making Phoenix the second race of 2011 and a day race. Placing it there right before Las Vegas is a mistake, Phoenix is 300 miles from Las Vegas and that market can’t handle two dates one week apart. And Phoenix as a night race is amazing.

I’m not excited about Chicagoland playing host to the first chase race nor moving New Hampshire’s first Cup Series date back to the middle of July. And of course Kansas got their second Cup date just because NASCAR owns ISC and there is a casino and hotel next to track. Give me a break, what a joke. They don’t need or can handle a second date plain and simple.

2. Best race of the week had to be the NASCAR Whelon Modified Tour. I have to say that Wednesday night’s running of the Whelon Modified Tour race was the best race of the Bristol week hands down. What a battle lap after lap with the best series in NASCAR. In being from Massachusetts, I know what the Whelon Modified’s are and have been a fan for years and watched them at New Hampshire when I can. The racing was perfect.

A few drivers swapped the lead several lead for most of the 150 lapper between Ted Christopher and Mike Stefanik, before Ryan Newman took the lead in the late stages to win again this season.

3. Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. running well in the Nationwide Series is a good thing. I’ve been a Dale Jr. fan since around 1997, just before Dale Jr. started running in #3 what id now the Nationwide Series and winning back to back championships. I believe that Dale Jr. can drive, but the COT has not been his friend at all since it was introduced back in 2007. However I believe that the answer to Dale Jr.’s quest to get back into victory lane actually is at JR Motorsports with his running the #88 out of his own shop with Tony Eury Sr. and Jr. on top of the pit box.

I believe that Dale Jr. would fair better driving for himself like Tony Stewart does at Stewart-Haas Racing with Tony Eury on the pit box. He would be around family and family for Junior is huge. With the exception of Rick Hendrick, Dale Jr. doesn’t really have anybody at Hendrick, but he does at JR Motorsports. Just a thought, but he has already won at Daytona and finished fourth at Bristol in the #88 this season in the Nationwide Series.

4. Enough with all of the Cup Series drivers in the Nationwide Series already. I really don’t need to say anymore.

5. Brad Keselowski calls Kyle Busch an a** during Saturday night’s Irwin Tools 500 intros. And Brad got a huge crowd reaction. You see in the Nationwide Series race at Bristol, Kyle Busch took out Brad Keselowski and went on to win. And of course with Brad under probation, there was nothing Brad could do and Kyle could just run all over him.

6. After Kyle Busch sweep all three National series race at Bristol this past weekend, SPEED’s RaceHub on Facebook asked “Kyle sweeps at he the best driver in NASCAR?”

Simply put “NO”. While I will give Kyle Busch a lot of credit, he can handle a racecar like very few drivers can whether its loose or tight and drive/win in several types of racecars including Cup, Nationwide, Trucks, East Series, Dirt and etc., the fact is, is that Kyle Busch isn’t the best. He has yet to win a Cup series championship, learn how to act and be respectful to other competitors on and off-track and he is driving some of the best equipment in the Nationwide Series and Truck Series.

I believe that it will be along time before Kyle Busch is the best in NASCAR. Call me when he has over 100 NASCAR wins, a few championships and grows up. And keep in mind, I’m talking about Kyle Busch, the professional racecar driver, not Kyle Busch in his personal life, I’m sure he is a nice guy in his personal life, but he has a lot to learn as a racecar driver. Oh yeah “Deal with it!”

And with that, I’m off, see you next week.