Monday, August 16, 2010

Speedlinking: Carrie Underwood gone Wong, Tony Stewart auction, NASCAR at Michigan with Logano vs. Newman and the national anthem. What was that?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, its been awhile since I have done a speedlinking, but I thought that on this Monday evening I would write one with the theme “What was that?” and boy do I have a few treats for you today.

In this article, I touch on Logano vs. Newman yesterday at Michigan, Harvick or Johnson in the chase, what was up with the national anthem before yesterday’s Michigan Cup Series race and even a Tony Stewart auction, but we start today with a YouTube video of a 52-year old man singing a Carrie Underwood song, what the…just go with it.

1. Carrie Underwood Gone Wong, Very Wong from via YouTube (link to video above). A 52-year old man, Robert Wong was performing on stage in a “Carrie-Oke” contest that was put on my the local TV station KSN-3. The song was Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”. Any thoughts, any at all?

2. Logano, Newman exchange pleasantries after Michigan race by From the Marbles Blog. Last Sunday (yesterday) after the Cup Series race at Michigan, in the garage area, there was a heated conversation and a little physical (if you call it that) between Joey Logano and Ryan Newman. During the late stages of the race after a long battle on-track, Ryan Newman was trying pass Logano on the high side and Logano got lose and got into Newman’s right rear quarter and spun him out. Oh brother, and all I can think about is Bristol is next Saturday night, damn that should be a good race especially for paybacks.

3. The Meaningless Rookie of the Year Award by The NASCAR Insiders. The guys over at NASCAR insiders have hit on something here with this one. You see in years past, NASCAR has had several rookie drivers each year coming in and run for ROY and in the end, one worthy driver would end up with the coveted award. However for 2010 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, disaster, NASCAR only has one ROY contender and he’s not even a contender. It’s Kevin Conway which up to last week at Michigan had a ride and was running in the back of the pack most in races, but was in the top 35. Now Conway has been replaced in the ride, but will most likely still will ROY by default. I hate this, the ROY award is huge, but this isn’t right. It’s a good article.

4. Harvick, not Johnson, now the driver to beat on Yahoo! Sports. The first line asks Is Jimmie Johnson still the driver to beat?

I’m going to answer that question, YES, wait I’m going to repeat it, YES. I realize and understand that Jimmie Johnson is not running as well as to be expected and maybe the golden horseshoe might not be working right now, but I wouldn’t count out Jimmie Johnson when the chase comes up next month at New Hampshire. The #48 team can get the job done, I just believe that they’re trying a few things over the past several weeks. And consider this Jimmie Johnson has five wins on the season.

One side note: Of course this is why I want NASCAR to get rid of the chase, I’m sick of this whole 10 chase races is the season, instead of 36 races, what about a 36-race chase for the sprint cup, a driver would have to be good all season long. But for this to work, NASCAR would have to fix the broken points system. Just saying…

5. When Did NASCAR Stop Loving America? by Race Journal Online. Now while I believe that the title of this article is wrong, the subject is dead on when she asks did you hear the national anthem before Sunday’s Michigan race?

Personally I did and I thought it was a joke, where did they find him… I mean that was terrible to listen too and this is the hot topic following the race, most people are asking this same question and talking about it. And most people said the same thing, it was terrible.

Even Jayski on Twitter comments - @jayski_nascar: oh my, that is one of the worst National Anthems I have ever heard, I think I heard booing.

Point is, that was terrible, hopefully Bristol will have a better one. One can only hope.
Well that wraps up this edition of Speedlinking that was fun. Look for another edition next week, the theme might be birthday as next Monday is my birthday and Kenny Wallace’s. Enjoy the rest of the week and if you’re a NASCAR fan, its Bristol baby.