Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poll & Thoughts: What is your biggest complaint about NASCAR even with the good racing?

As I sit here at my desk after an interesting Bristol quad-header weekend, I began thinking about the racing so far in 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season and yet there is always a complaint or two, but in all of that, what is your biggest complaint (and please keep it to racing and not saying Kyle Busch is winning, Jimmie Johnson is winning or whatever)

1. The Chase itself.
2. The COT.
3. The 3 attempts at a green-white-checkered finish
4. The cookie cutter tracks on the schedule.
5. The lucky dog free pass (including the multi-car wave around)

Personally, my vote would be #1, the chase itself. The reasons are:

First while the COT isn’t what the fans wanted (including me), nor does it look like a car off the showroom floor. However with the next generation rear spoiler and especially the safety, I can live with the COT and it does produce good racing at several racetracks.

Second, with the exception of Daytona and Talladega, I like the three attempts at a green-white-checkers. However when it comes to Daytona and Talladega, one attempt is enough and even that causes wrecks because of very aggressive drivers.

Third, the lucky dog free pass gives drivers a second chance. Sure it needs to be tweaked like how many times a single driver can use it during one race or even that you can only get the lucky dog if you’re one lap down, not several. But it adds to the racing.

Fourth, the schedule is a mess and while we need more short tracks and road courses, the cookie cutter tracks aren’t the biggest problem with the racing. No it’s the chase.

I believe that the chase has gotten stale or is out of date and it takes away from the first 26 races. Not only that, but the points system is broken and any driver not in the chase is treated like a second class citizen. NASCAR needs to completely redo the entire points system and that along will help the chase. Other ways to mix it up would be to put new tracks in the chase like Bristol, Sonoma, and end in Las Vegas. I will get into the schedule another time.

Of course I believe that getting rid of the chase completely and replacing it with a 34-race schedule, a tight points system and one champion is the better way to go. That would mean that all 34-races equally mean the same and reward the same, no points reset and no driver just gets 12th for sticking around in the chase even with mediocre performances, while another driver outside the chase can’t get higher in the standings.

And in order for a driver to win the championship, they have to be good all season long and not just in the chase.