Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kentucky Speedway gets 2011 NASCAR Cup Series date – Fans get what they want, now will it be worth it?

Well Darrell Waltrip, the Kentucky Governor and Bruton Smith are glowing, so that must mean that their 11 year journey of getting a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series date (Saturday, July 9, 2011) has finally been realized. Now I have to say that I’m still not in favor of Kentucky Speedway getting a Cup Series date.

One reason is because that area of the country already has Cup dates in it which includes Indianapolis and Bristol. Another reason is simply NASCAR doesn’t need another cookie cutter 1.5 mile racetrack. But NASCAR does need more short tracks and road courses. And of course you have the lawsuit that just ended.

However I do believe that NASCAR does need to change with the times and that includes changing venues as the fans who buy the tickets dictate and I also believe that fans shouldn’t have to drive several hours to go watch a race at the nearest venue and for Kentucky fans I guess this fits. And at least NASCAR didn’t just add another cookie cutter track to the schedule, they simply moved a date from one cookie cutter to another.

So Kentucky NASCAR fans, it’s your turn, now you need to buy tickets and attend the race in huge capacity just like every other track. Personally I will love to see the figures in 3 years from now and see if this whole episode and pain was worth it or not, and if it was, I will admit it and I will keep an open mind next July when I watch the race on television. Hopefully Kentucky puts on a good Saturday night race.