Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It’s Kevin Harvick in the Budweiser Chevrolet vs. Brad Keselowski in the Miller Lite Dodge for the battle of the beers in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2011.

Image Credit: RCR Facebook page

Its official, Budweiser will sponsor the #29 Kevin Harvick RCR Chevrolet in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2011. The partnership announced Tuesday will put Budweiser as the primary sponsor for the #29 Kevin Harvick RCR Chevrolet in 20 races, the 2 points races during Speedweeks and co-primary sponsor of the All-Star race. Budweiser will also be an associate sponsor for the (16) remaining races on the schedule.

So that means that they need at least one more sponsor to cover the 16 remaining races which is pretty common especially in this economy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more sponsorship deals like this where the company sponsors most of the schedule.

But as I sat in my chair catching the end of the Budweiser, RCR and Kevin Harvick press conference on NASCAR.com where Richard Childress, the rep from Budweiser and Kevin Harvick tossed their new found relationship, I began to think about where Budweiser has come over the years especially in the last 10 years from Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kasey Kahne to now Kevin Harvick.

I have to say that as a NASCAR fan, I’ve seen some interesting partnerships or sponsorships over the years, but this Kevin Harvick, Budweiser deal struck me as odd. What I mean is, when Dale Jr. had Budweiser, it was a match made in heaven, the two made a great combination. Then when Kasey Kahne joined Budweiser, it took a little while, but it became a good match. However Kevin Harvick and Budeiser leave me with questions. I don’t know, the match doesn’t hit me right.

And think about this, Brad Keselowski will be the new Miller Lite driver of the #2 Penske Racing Dodge in the Cup Series next season as well. The point is, Kevin Harvick doesn’t strike me as a person who sells beer because that’s what sponsorship is, the driver is the spokesmen for that company. But then again, maybe at Daytona next season when Harvick is in Budweiser red, I will see this partnership more clearly. Yeah that’s a good plan.

Now of course this means with Kevin Harvick in Budweiser and the previously announced deal of Brad Keselowski in the #2 Miller Lite Dodge in 2011, we have a very interesting battle of the beers next season. It’s the second year driver Brad Keselowski vs. veteran driver Kevin Harvick, this should be fun to watch.

Image Credit: Budweiser’s Facebook page

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