Friday, August 13, 2010

Car repair: Top Five Do It Yourself Jobs vs. Top Five Best Left to the Experts Jobs.

In this tough economy, one of the biggest parts of a person or family budget is spent on one or more automobiles. So in trying to save money, more people are becoming do it yourselfers and learning simply jobs that they can do instead of paying a expert.

But did you know that according to, there certain jobs that you do it yourself/car owners should be doing, while there certain jobs that are best left to the experts?’s Top Five Repair Jobs You Can (and Should) Do Yourself

1. Replace Wiper Blades: This is one of the simplest jobs and most important jobs that a car owner can do themselves.
2. Replace a Fuse:
3. Replace a Light Bulb: Changing a light bulb can be a difficult job depending upon which one you’re changing. If the bulb is in the headliner, that should be a snap. But changing your headlight or taillight on a foreign car especially can be a little tricky. I know that my 1995 Nissan Altima headlights had to be changed by the dealership. If you got to the dealership, have it included in with another job like an oil change.
4. Replace an Air Filter:
5. Change your Engine Oil and Filter:
I'm not sure that I agree here, personally I don't change from own oil or filter. But if you are willing to do the job, you can save alot of money over time. You can go to a local autoparts store and buy the correct oil and filter. While you're their, check to see were you go to recycle/dispose the used oild and filter.

The biggest advice I can give anybody who is going to do any of the do it yourself jobs, read the owners manual for your vehicle first. I would even go so far to say read your owners manual from cover to cover or at least go through it so you know your vehicle. Knowledge is power’s Top Five Jobs Best Left to the Experts!

1. Replace an engine

2. Replace a transmission
3. Replace a clutch
4. Replace A/C components
5. Perform a wheel alignment

And I completely agree, I am not a mechanic, so changing an engine, transmission, and clutch or doing a wheel alignment, is way out of my league and especially in some vehicles can be very time consuming. However I have had an engine, transmission and clutch changed and it’s expensive. Of course on the engine and transmission, they were both used.

What do you think and do you perform any of these jobs on your vehicle?