Friday, August 20, 2010

American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior – Your 15 minutes of fame is up.

Last Thursday night was the season or what TLC called the series premiere of American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior and like I said last week, if anybody was expecting either a completely new show or a show that returned the good old days of American Chopper that showcased a company with a group of guys building one-of-a-kind choppers that became works of art, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s the same old show just several months later.

If that wasn’t enough, last night’s episode was even worse, Paul Sr. decided to go on a rant again about Paul Jr. and his pursuit of building a new bike building company. One former fan and reader of commented on the first two episodes:

enriquemichaeltijerina has left a new comment on your post "American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior – It’s the sam...":

I am inclined to agree with you. first of all the first two bikes built by OCC in the first two series were completely uninspired and unimpressive. I stopped watching when the series became all about Paul Sr.'s childish blow ups and his total lack of respect for the people who helped make OCC a success. Paul Sr. has shown in the first two series his complete lack of fatherhood instincts and respects for his sons ambitions. I look forward to Paulies first build and hope it blows peoples socks off.

That comment was right now.

At this point, I have four things to say:

1. Paul Sr. should be worried about his own falling company (OCC) and not his son trying to return to his roots and passion and do what he does best, design and build choppers.

2. I’m also looking forward to Paul Jr’s first build and I hope it blows people away too.

3. Thanks TLC for ruining what was once a great show, most fans didn’t want just another drama filled, trash talking reality show and for that I say good-bye to writing about American Chopper unless Paul Jr. builds an amazing chopper. I wish another network would have signed Paul Jr. Designs and developed a real chopper show.

4. Just so everyone is clear, it was Paul Sr. that started a custom chopper company (OCC), but it was Paul Jr. (and of course the crew at OCC like Vinnie, Rick, and more) that made OCC famous with his designing and building one-of-a-kind theme choppers. Yes one-of-a-kind theme choppers like the Jet bike, Fire Bike, Lincoln Mark LT Bike, Black Widow Bike, Liberty Bike, Gillette Bike, Mercedes-AMG Bike, HP Bike, and Intel Chip Chopper, OCC wouldn’t have been so famous. Of course being famous only lasts for so long and then it’s up to you to keep the success going and some have it, while others don’t.

However I will say that when Paul Sr. built the POW-MIA bike that was impressive too especially with Justin’s paint job.

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