Sunday, July 25, 2010

IRL IndyCar Series officials screws Helio Castroneves out of win and hands it to Scott Dixon.

Wow, the IRL IndyCar Series race in Edmonton, Canada just wrapped up. It was a day of Penske Racing domanating the race with Will Power leading the most laps. However after the final pit stop, it was Helio Castroneves on red tires that took the lead on the restart from his teammate Will Power on black tires and really was suppose to set sail. But a late race caution would make life interesting especially for the Penske racing teammates.

On a late race restart, Helio Castroneves stayed low to hold his line and defend his position, Will Power went to the outside as the teammates went into turn 1 and 2. Will Power slid wide and Scott Dixon muscled his way to the inside and top second away from Will Power.

This is were the nightmare began, the IndyCar Series officials decided to penalize Helio Castroneves for blocking with a drive threw penalty. Helio instead continued on and finished the race. But with that call, the officals handed Scott Dixon and Target/Chip Ganassi the victory. I would have thought that a driver would have questioned this one, but Scott Dixon got out of his car and was thrilled to be back in victory lane.

I really don't know what Helio Castroneves was suppose to do differently here, I think it was a loss/loss situation for Helio Castroneves.

Simply put, I don't know what the officials were thinking here by making this call on Helio Castroneves for blocking, but this was a empty victory in my eyes for sure for Scott Dixon, Dixon didn't earn it. I hope the IndyCar Series officials are proud of themselves for screwing the Penske Racing driver with there inconsistent calls, they are worse than NASCAR hands down. Now I wonder what's next for the officials and there terrible calls. Good luck IRL fans, you are going to need it.

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