Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caption: Kyle Busch needs a Chevrolet truck to pull out his Toyota rental car at Indy.

This is funny on so many levels, on Friday, Kyle Busch was asked about getting his rental car stuck, he said (paraphrasing from what he said) it seems that either on Thursday or Friday (yesterday), Kyle Busch was driving his Toyota rental car at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the drivers lot looking for his motor coach. He ended up driving by it and was looking for a place to turn around. He saw the gravel trap and thought that it looked packed down enough to turn his Toyota around in. However he quickly realized that it wasn't and he was stuck in the kitty litter.

But if that wasn't enough, a few drivers showed up including Kevin Harvick, Harvick (in the yellow Shell hat below) started taking some pictures and them towed his Toyota out of the sand with a Chevrolet truck. I'm always amazed to see what some of these drivers end up getting themselves into and this is a good one.

The lesson learned here, the kitty litter is no place for a car and of course don't send a Toyota to do a Chevrolet's job, that's why chevrolet's are built like a rock.

Hat tip and image credit: From the Marbles