Sunday, June 6, 2010

NASCAR: Kahne touches off last lap multi-car wreck and it’s Logano vs. Harvick once again in Gillette 500 at Pocono.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, if you missed Sunday’s (today’s) NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide 500 presented by Target at Pocono Raceway, you missed a boring long drawn out green flag run, pit stop strategy, fuel economy runs and an ending that simply left people say “what were they thinking?” And no I’m not talking about Denny Hamlin in victory lane, that’s not the big story of the race.

And you also missed the continued saga of Kevin Harvick vs. Joey Logano and the newly format problem between Kasey Kahne and teammate A.J. Allmendinger. Like I said, what were they thinking?

∙ Harvick vs. Logano:

The incident: During the final laps of the Pocono 500, Kevin Harvick was trying to get around Joey Logano for a top 5 position and when both drivers came through the tunnel turn (turn 2), the two were side-by-side, but it looked like Joey Logano, who on the outside got ahead. Logano was going for the patch in turn 3, meanwhile Harvick was inside and also went for the patch in turn 3, Harvick hit Logano’s left rear quarter and spun Logano out.

I believe that as much as the announcers in the booth want to say it was a racing incident, I believe otherwise. Meaning, Logano had the outside line and the patch is the outside line. Harvick should have gone to the bottom in turn 3 and he didn’t complete the pass, instead Harvick took out Logano plain and simple.

Of course after the race, both drivers along with crews came together and had words. It would have been better if crews would stay out of it and only have two NASCAR officials in between the two drivers (this case Harvick and Logano), that way nothing is going to happen. And if it does, a driver hit an official because a driver would have to go through the officials to get through to the other driver.

The crews only make it worse and so does fathers in the way…Logano’s father should have stayed out of it and don’t hit #20 crewmen neither. But the funny part was Logano’s comment: "I don't know what [Kevin Harvick's] deal is with me," Logano said. "It's probably not his fault. His wife wears the firesuit in the family and tells him what to do. It's probably not his fault."

Personally Logano is going to have to get to Harvick, otherwise he is going to continue to get run over. I think retaliation is a last resort, but a resort that maybe needed considering Harvick is a hot head and still doesn’t get it. This will continue, but I wonder what the next shootout will be? By the way, Kevin Harvick finished 4th while Logano finished 13th.

∙ Kasey Kahne touches off last lap multi-car wreck on back straightaway:

In what can only be described as a Kyle Busch move, Kasey Kahne was trying to make a pass on his teammate A.J. Allmendinger heading down the back straightaway, A.J. moves Kahne down straight towards the grass. Now at this point, I much mention that Kahne isn’t even at A.J. quarter panel, it was the same as Kyle Busch trying to pass Hamlin in the All-Star, Kahne wasn’t along side, instead Kahne drove off into the grass and then comes back across the track to collect several cars sending him airborn. What a huge, multi-car wreck and with the track blocked, cars just kept piling in.

In watching the incident, first I believe that Kasey Kahne was at fault period. Kahne wasn’t along side of A.J. and A.J. didn’t have to give him room. Think of it like this, Kahne should have followed A.J. up to the tunnel turn, A.J. wasn’t going to make the turn that would have made room for Kahne to make the pass safely.

On the flip side, A.J. Allmendinger needs to watch how he drivers and blocks against other drivers especially his teammates, otherwise he might find himself getting no respect back. You drive the way you want people to drive against you. By the way, A.J. Allmendinger finished 10th.

∙ NASCAR on TV – TNT broadcast:

Over the past week or two, the talk in the NASCAR community and among the media and fans have been TNT needs to bring it for these six summer races and today have to say TNT came in with mixed results. One blogger has already wrote “NASCAR on TV: Sorry TNT, that wasn't a good first impression” and gave the TNT broadcast a grade of F.

Now I have to say that TNT has been promoting the hell out of there TNT coverage of the six summer races and with the addition of Adam Alexander in the play-by-play role in the booth and Lindsay Czarniak moving into the host position, all was looking good. However it was the addition of Phil Parsons as a pit reporter set some fans including me off. NASCAR fans were not interested in seeing Phil Parsons in a pit reporter role and one reason is that it could be explosive.

You see Phil Parsons is the man behind Prism Motorsports, the two-car start and park team and some NASCAR fans including me hate start and park teams. And if his start and park teams got in anybody’s way, the results with driver or owner to Phil Parsons during an interview could be huge.

But the concern was right on target as Phil Parsons simply would have been better just being in the Camping World Truck Series announcers booth and not in a pit reporter position. I thought that Phil Parsons there was a huge downer for the TNT crew.

However on a positive note I thought that Adam Alexander in the play-by-play role in the booth was a good touch and Lindsay Czarniak as a host was what the telecast needed. I believe that with what the TNT broadcast crew had to work with namely a long drawn out Pocono race and the rain delay, I believe they did good. Even most of the pit reporters stepped up nicely. I would grade TNT with a C, not an F. But Phil Parsons needs to go back to the Truck Series booth period.

And on that note, my last comment is simply Pocono 400 sounds really good right now especially after today’s 500 mile race.

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