Saturday, June 26, 2010

1970 Road Runner "The Hammer" hammered down at $175,000 at 2010 Barrett-Jackson Orange County.

Earlier tonight, if you're an automobile enthusiast, a movie lover and a MOPAR guy, chances are you know this big-blocked 1970 Plymouth Road Runner named "The Hammer". The Hammer which is a custom built by the people at Pure Vision Design with an all aluminum 526 HEMI big block, was featured on RIDES, in Hot Rod magazine, at SEMA and of course in the movie Fast & Furious 3 and 4, what an incredible looking muscle car, there's nothing like it. It is for sure a ground-pounder.

Even more, The Hammer actually has an 1/18 GMP scale diecast as well. I have been looking for this decast, if you can't afford the actual car, go for the diecast, at least a dream car right in front of you. Of course that diecast (if I even got it) would go around my 2008 Ford Mustang Roush Stage 3 diecast signed by Jack Roush himself.

Photo Credit: Barrett-Jackson

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