Friday, May 21, 2010

What are the Top 6 greatest NASCAR All-star races?

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Image Credit: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, as the 26th annual NASCAR Sprint All-Star race nears this Saturday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway. There has been 25 All-star races in NASCAR history and in and among those 25 races, there has been several memorable moments that have left people saying “what was that” and how did he do that?”

One of the NASCAR All-Star races that I recently watched in a highlight reel was the first NASCAR All-Star race way back in 1985. Wow what a way to start a good race off. Can you imagine these drivers back in 1985 hearing the announcement that there will be an All-Star race with just money to the winner, a non-points race, what must of went through their heads?

Sure it didn’t pay $1 million Dollars to win, but damn what a show these racecar drivers put on. This race just happen to show that Junior Johnson as a car owner and strategist knows engines and just what his driver Darrell Waltrip is capable of as Darrell Waltrip would make a late race pass for the lead, win the All-Star race and all of a sudden, his engine blowup going into turn 1.

So, what are the top 6 most memorable moments and races that stand out among the rest?

6. (1996) Michael Waltip does it, winning the all-star race after making a last segment pass on a battling Dale Sr. and Terry Labonte.

5. (1997) One shot deal for T-Rex: The famous #24 “T-Rex” special one-race racecar with Jurassic Park paint Scheme that sent Jeff Gordon to victory lane and Bill France Jr. saying don’t bring this car back.

4. (1995) The famous 1995 All-Star race that say a battle between Dale Earnhardt in his silver Chevrolet against Darrell Waltrip only to have dale get loose off turn 4 and wreck both of them. Jeff Gordon would go on to victory.

3. (1989) This all-star race would change history for two drivers. Darrell Waltrip vs. Rusty Wallace coming off turn 4 where Wallace spun Waltrip into the grass and Rusty Wallace would go on to win the race. However in doing so, Rusty Wallace would become the new bad guy in NASCAR as Darrell Waltrip would turn from bad guy to good guy.

2. (1987) Dale Earnhardt wins after his famous save (or pass as some call it) in the grass and holding off Bill Elliott.

1. (1992) Davey Allison vs. Kyle Petty vs. Dale Earnhardt: Earnhardt spins, Allison won, but Petty wrecks Allison at the finish line. Allison would not celebrate in victory lane, instead in hospital.

Now I wonder what tomorrow night’s NASCAR All-Star race will bring for moments is? What’s your Top 6 list?