Monday, May 31, 2010

The Fast 3: #99 Jon Fogarty retaliates on #01 Memo Rojas in opening laps of Memorial Day Classic at Lime Rock Park.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, I have decided that since I’m not just a NASCAR fan, but a Motorsports fan too, I’m renaming this article that was formerly known as “NASCAR’s Best and Worst moments” to “The Fast 3: Best and Worst Motorsports Moments from the past weekend.”

Best moments:

1. #99 Jon Fogarty retaliates on #01 Memo Rojas in opening laps of the Memorial Day Classic at Lime Rock Park, CT.

Normally, retaliation is something that I don’t like seeing at all, however when a team has been taken out several times and exhausted all other recourses in dealing with another team, then and only then is retaliation justified in racing and today it happened.

I’ve been watching not only NASCAR, but Motorsports fan for almost the past two decades now includes watching the Grand-Am Series, the #01 especially with Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas seem to get away with everything. They take out several drivers in the course of a season and in a lot of cases, it was avoidable and one car is the #99.

So today, the #99 found themselves in an interesting position, the chance to bump the #01 out of the way on purpose and did it in the opening laps of the race. The bump sent the #01 into the dirt and grass which tore up the front end, ripped off the nose, grill, radiator and more. I have to say that to the #99, good move on Rojas, I just wonder why the #01 was outside of the #99 in the corner in the first place…

The #99 was blacked flagged for avoidable contact and sent down pit road. SPEED interviewed Jon Fogarty, driver of the #99 GAINSCO/ Bob Stallings Racing on the incident and he said: “It was one of those out there today. You know it’s not a fair fight, between the BMW and the Chevrolet and you just get tired of having your head held under water and when things are unfair, things tend to get dirty. But on the same token, (Memo) Rojas realizes he’s leading the championship by a country mile and there’s no reason why he had to put himself in that position.”

Personally this should be a wakeup call for the #01 and there driving, but all this payback is going to do is get more payback from the #01 because both Pruett and Rojas are hot heads and don’t get it on the racetrack and show no respect. I wonder what will happen next?

Oh by the way, this move also cost me points in my WindTunnel fantasy pick as I choose the #01 to win the race today.

2. NASCAR media plays up “new Kyle Busch” while Jeff Burton tells Kyle Busch to use his head and show respect.

Jeff Burton tells Kyle Busch to use his head and show respect after last night’s Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I have to admit that it’s not very often that I see Jeff Burton really get upset, but this one was something I’ve been waiting to see for a long time. Finally a well respected driver, Jeff Burton specks on Kyle Busch.

Basically during the late stages of the Coca-Cola 600, Kyle Busch made it three wide with Burton and teammate Bowyer and cut down Burton’s rear tire sending him up the track and out of contending for the victory.

Now I have to say that Kyle Busch didn’t make any friends last night nor in the past few weeks, just ask Denny Hamlin, Ryan Newman, and now Jeff Burton. All I have to say is Kyle Busch prides himself on being NASCAR’s bad boy and he’s shown this time and time again, what do people expect. I guess somebody is going to have to talk to him or worse.

Check out’s article called “Angry Jeff Burton tells Kyle Busch to use his head and show respect” for quotes.

Worst moment:

3. Sebastian Vettel wrecks teammate Mark Webber, costing Red Bull a 1-2 finish and put Vettel out of the race.

At yesterday’s Turkish Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel takes out teammate Mark Webber, costing Red Bull racing a 1-2 finish and the victory. However this stupid moment has an upside, with Red Bull Racing’s Mark Webber running now in third, it put McLaren-Mercedes into the top 2 spots with Lewis Hamilton winning the Grand Prix.

This move also cost me points in my WindTunnel fantasy pick as I choose Vettel to win the Turkish GP.

What a Memorial Day Weekend of Motorsports this was, now I only hope that the Monaco GP will be back on this weekend in 2011, but that depends where Easter is on the Monaco calendar.

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