Friday, May 21, 2010

Racing Dreams Film review – The film that showcases how NASCAR’s future stars get their start.

And what these future NASCAR starts have to go though on a daily basis.

Ever wonder how your favorite NASCAR drivers got to where they are today like Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick and more? Well most of the NASCAR drivers that we know and route for most likely got their start by racing go-karts at a young age.

Racing Dreams is a documentary directed by Academy Award Nominee Marshall Curry and executive produced by Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson that showcases three racecar drivers completing in the World Karting Association’s five-race National Championship series over the course of one year.

The quote at the beginning of the film says it the best: “In the life of every great racecar driver there was a year, before the money and the fame, when they stood at the crossroads and found out if they had what it takes to make it. For the three racers, this would be that year.”

The three karting stars are:

Annabeth Barnes: At age 11, as the talented daughter of a retired race driver that has grown up dreaming of being a racecar driver someday. She spends nearly every weekend at the track as she fights for a spot in NASCAR’s racing diversity program. And in that time, she struggles to find the balance of racing vs. being a normal teenage girl.

Josh Hobson: At age 12, Josh has been racing since he was five, is focused on driving a racecar, winning races and championships. The 7th-grader obsessively studies driving and interview styles of NASCAR stars and understands that success requires media savvy, satisfied sponsors and a professional attitude above all.

Brandon Warren: At age 13, Brandon is funny and charismatic, with a quick temper that leads him into trouble and looking to win the championship that he lost in the previous year when he was disqualified for rough driving. Brandon also struggles with a difficult home life, racing for him is as much an escape as a passion. But he has a good head on his shoulders as he looks to succeed in life.

During the course of the year, each of these young racecar drivers have to learn the ins and outs of a go-kart, how to drive the racecar at over 70mph including what line to use around the racetrack that will get them the best lap time without getting them passed, how to drive around other racecars drivers, how to make passes cleanly and more.

These racecar drivers also had to learn how to handle themselves in an interview as well as how to work on their go-karts.

Think of it like this, as a racecar driver continues to grow, get more experience and become more talented, one part of being a successful racecar driver is sponsorship.

The interviews are a huge part of that. You as a racecar driver are trying to get a company to sponsor you, in turn your becoming a spokesman for that company. These companies want to see how you handle yourself on-track including the rough driving, in interviews as well as off-track.

In watching this film, you could see exactly what is going through the heads of these three racecar drivers. Amazingly enough, the film also focuses on the bigger picture and it’s a universal story about growing up, figuring out what life is going to be like, family and romance for the first time.

This is Racing Dreams. You can view the trailer for the film trailer here:

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