Friday, April 30, 2010

A one-time deal that honors father, family, fans - Dale Earnhardt Jr. to drive No. 3 Wrangler Chevy in July NNS at Daytona.

Photo Credit for both #3 photos: Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images for NASCAR

What a unique announcement that came yesterday at Dale Earnhardt Day in Mooresville, N.C. Dale Jr. will team up in a collaboration between Richard Childress Racing, JR Motorsports, DEI and Wrangler to honor Dale Earnhardt’s Hall of Fame induction by driving the #3 Wrangler Jeans Chevrolet Impala in the upcoming Subway Jalapeno 250 powered by Coca-Cola NASCAR Nationwide Series race in July at Daytona International Speedway.
"This was an idea that came up as a way to pay tribute to my Dad, and it's pretty cool that it's a collaborative effort between JR Motorsports, RCR and DEI," said Earnhardt Jr. "The Wrangler car is definitely in the top-10 of coolest cars that have ever been on the race track. A lot of people identify with it, and I can't think of a better way to honor my dad and celebrate his induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame than to bring the Wrangler colors back with the No. 3 on the side, similar to the 'Wrangler Jean Machine' scheme of the 80s. I think it will be worth seeing, and I'm looking forward to driving it at Daytona."
When I say unique, mean unique, as I never thought that I would see the day that all 4 organizations would team up in this caliber to run a Nationwide Series race. I mean sure the JR Motorsports and Wrangler doesn’t surprise me as Dale Jr. and Wrangler have a personal contract nor does JRM, Wrangler and RCR, but the addition of DEI, there’s the surprise.

However when it comes to honoring Dale Earnhardt, his family and fans, you have to include DEI, it’s just natural that way. And what a way to do so, as not only a Dale Jr. fan, but a huge Dale Earnhardt fan, it’s really amazing to see this retro paint scheme of Wrangler Jeans and the 3, its all the way back to the 1980’s and boy does it look the part.

The only area that I don’t care for is it’s on this new Nationwide Series COT Chevrolet Impala. I’m disappointed in Chevrolet for not bring the new Chevrolet Camaro to the Nationwide Series, that would have been picture perfect, but in this collaboration, the Impala is the only thing that they had to work with.

And even more, thank god that they didn’t use the #3 black GM Goodwrench retro paint scheme, I just believe that several fans including myself wouldn’t have been that excited about it.

I’m still on the fence about seeing anybody running a black #3 Goodwrench retro paint scheme in what is now called the Sprint Cup Series or the Nationwide Series. I’m still that type of fan right now that doesn’t want to see the black #3 back in the Cup Series for a long time.

Now I’m just looking forward to seeing the Nationwide Series race in July at Daytona, it should be a shootout under the lights for sure.