Friday, March 12, 2010

Picture Perfect: Clint Bowyer at a Goodyear Tire Test at Darlington with new rear spoiler.


The picture above is a picture of Clint Bowyer at Goodyear Tire Test Tuesday at Darlington Raceway.

Since 2007 when NASCAR officially launched the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Car of Tomorrow with the rear wing at Bristol Motor Speedway, NASCAR fans have stated that they don’t want the rear wing or the COT in some cases.

Now most NASCAR fans will finally get their wish when NASCAR replaces the rear wing with the original style rear spoiler that has been on NASCAR racecars for decades. It’s amazing, I would describe NASCAR as a stubborn old man that wouldn’t listen to anybody else and does what they want in the beginning. However will later on come back and listen to the people around him. (Think about the logic before you comment and not that it makes a joke against an old man.)

This was just one of many discussions that NASCAR has made that hasn’t been popular with the fans and that now will change. I wonder what’s next.